Justice League Explores The Flash's History With New Video

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The latest promo for Justice League explores the history of The Flash. The marketing campaign for  Justice League will be focusing on a different superhero every week, in the lead-up to the film's release next month. Aquaman received the spotlight last week (see this promo where Jason Momoa discusses his DC character), whereas this week has been 'Flash Week' and proven quite fruitful, when it comes to releasing fresh content.

Ezra Miller kicked off his character's week of Justice League promotion, followed by the release of a motion poster featuring The Flash. This was followed by the release of another featurette for the film, showcasing some of the interactions between The Flash and Batman, and further demonstrating how the young superhero fits into the movie. The latest video release for Justice League dives fully into the DC Comics history of The Flash character, further setting up the backstory for Miller's iteration.

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The Justice League Twitter released said promo exploring the origin of The Flash in the comics (see the video above). In addition to promoting Justice League, the video indicates that key elements of Barry's comic book origin story will be carried over into the film. That includes: Barry's father being wrongfully imprisoned for the death of his mother, Barry becoming a science whiz to help solve the crime, and a bolt of lightning then hitting him in his lab and granting him access to the Speed Force.

Like yesterday's promo, the new video also makes sure to highlight Barry's ability to bend space and time. It looks like Barry will be more than super-fast in Justice League; he will also be warping time as he moves. Given our first look at The Flash in the DC cinematic universe came when he traveled from the future to warn Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems that the longterm plan with the character is to explore more time travel down the line.

With the announcement that the solo Flash film will be called Flashpoint, it seems safe to assume that alternate realities will be a big part of the story moving forward. The comic of the same name saw things turned upside down when Barry went back in time to save his mother, and we could be headed towards something similar in the DC film universe. Even if the movie name is just an homage to the comic, it's becoming more and more clear that The Flash will be tinkering with time - something we may get a sneak peek at during Justice League.

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Source: Justice League Twitter

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