It’s important to remember that – despite years of speculation and rumoring – there is actually little to nothing actually confirmed for Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Justice League movie. Even in the wake of this week’s Man of Steel marketing launch, the most we’ve learned is that the Superman reboot will establish a shared universe for other DC superheroes.

Of course, lack of fact has never been an impediment to the rumor mill – which is why today brings news about a new writer (possibly director) of the Justice League movie.

According to our Summer 2013 Movie PollMan of Steel is riding high on people’s “Most Anticipated” list. With a promising re-imagining of Superman’s origins and realistic take on the Batman saga both under his belt, it’s not really a surprise that we’re David S. Goyer’s name being floated as the person who could act as architect of Justice League.

The word came from our friend over at AMC, John Campea, who tweeted out the following messages to fans:

Naturally the latter tweet seems like the more believable one – and considering that writer Will Beall didn’t impress with Gangster Squad earlier this year, those rumors of Beall’s JL script being scrapped and rewritten could easily be interpreted as indicators of Goyer’s involvement with the project.

Although his resume includes impressive script work for projects like Dark CityBlade, Blade II, JumperThe Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, Goyer’s directorial resume is less impressive, sporting lackluster films like Blade: Trinity and The Unborn. In short: he’s not the caliber of director that one would assume DC/WB is seeking for arguably their biggest tentpole film, ever.

superman batman movie Justice League: David S. Goyer Rumored to Write and Direct

On the other hand: Few people (even Serenity browncoats) felt that Joss Whedon had the level of skill necessary to craft a monumental event film like The Avengers – and how wrong did those doubters (myself included) turn out to be? The similarities between Goyer and Whedon run even deeper when you consider the following:

  • Both have extensive “geek” writing cred in TV, Film, and Comic Books.
  • Each one has crafted some of the most seminal and game-changing geek culture projects (Goyer – Blade, Dark Knight; Whedon – BuffyAvengers).
  • Each one endured a long, hard, never-quite-successful struggle to become a big-name director in charge of  tentpole franchises.
  • Each one has come to the position of “story shepherd” of their respective DC/Marvel cinematic universes.

As I said: the differences between the two are slim – which is why it wouldn’t be TOO shocking if both the rumors Campea heard turn out to be true.

For those who can pardon Whedon, but would damn the thought of Goyer taking on Justice League, just remember: Whedon was given a highly-skilled support staff to help him nail-down Avengers, because big-budget action/adventure wasn’t exactly his forte. We’ve already pointed out (multiple times) that DC/WB has one of the best support teams in the business (The Nolans, Bruce Timm, Zack Sndyer, Geoff Johns), so if put in charge of Justice League, Goyer wouldn’t exactly be flying solo.

Justice League New 52 Flash Justice League: David S. Goyer Rumored to Write and Direct

And before you drag up Blade: Trinity as your “No Goyer” defense: Wesley Snipes had much more to do with that fiasco than Goyer did (read about that sordid history HERE).

In the end though, the real question is what the studio plans to do with Zack Snyder, should Man of Steel prove to be successful; directing the Superman sequel would likely tie up his time, making unavailable should they want to get a Justice League movie out the door in the next two or so years. In that scenario (and failing to land one or both of the Nolans), Goyer would be the next highest man on the company roster.


We’ll continue to watch this Justice League situation and keep you informed how it all goes.

Source: Twitter

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