Justice League: David S. Goyer Rumored to Write and Direct

David S. Goyer Writing Directing 'Justice League' Rumor

It's important to remember that - despite years of speculation and rumoring - there is actually little to nothing actually confirmed for Warner Bros. and DC Comics' Justice League movie. Even in the wake of this week's Man of Steel marketing launch, the most we've learned is that the Superman reboot will establish a shared universe for other DC superheroes.

Of course, lack of fact has never been an impediment to the rumor mill - which is why today brings news about a new writer (possibly director) of the Justice League movie.

According to our Summer 2013 Movie PollMan of Steel is riding high on people's "Most Anticipated" list. With a promising re-imagining of Superman's origins and realistic take on the Batman saga both under his belt, it's not really a surprise that we're David S. Goyer's name being floated as the person who could act as architect of Justice League.

The word came from our friend over at AMC, John Campea, who tweeted out the following messages to fans:

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