Justice League: Cyborg Has 'Ever-Evolving' Powers

According to Ray Fisher, Cyborg will have a whole slew of abilities in Justice League - including an upgrade from the comics. Out of all the heroes that will join forces in Justice League, Cyborg is the least well-known. Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash are all household names. Even Aquaman's decades of existence across comics and TV means audiences are roughly familiar with the character. Cyborg, however, will be a brand-new hero to many filmgoers.

Though Cyborg dates back to 1980, he's never quite had a mainstream breakthrough. Certain viewers will know him from various Teen Titans animated shows and movies, but DC has made an effort to move him into the spotlight more in the comics of late. When the New 52 rebooted the world of DC Comics, Cyborg was repurposed as a founding member of the Justice League. Likewise, he'll hold that same role in the DC movie universe when Batman and Wonder Woman ask him to join forces with him to stop Steppenwolf. Although he's inexperienced at being a hero, he will bring a lot of power to the table.

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Cinema Blend spoke with Fisher about his role as Cyborg in Justice League, and they got the inside scoop on the character's vast power set. While many of his abilities carry over from the character's long history in the comics, Cyborg will have some never-before-seen abilities in the film too, according to Fisher:

"Due to the technology used to create Cyborg, his powers are ever-evolving. They include: the ability to interface with anything technological, flight, super-strength, hologram projection and a sophisticated weapon's system ... the list goes on! He has powers within him that even he isn't yet aware of. Cyborg doesn't need to eat or sleep, and whenever he encounters an issue that he's not initially equipped to handle, his technology can transmogrify and immediately adapt to that situation."

Thanks to Cyborg's advanced tech, he can fly, shoot energy blasts, and interface with all sorts of things. These powers have all long been a part of what he can do in the comics. Fisher's note about Cyborg's tech changing to his situation is something a bit fresher. While the newest Blue Beetle can do things along these lines, Cyborg's abilities have always been limited to his tech. It sounds, however, as if the Mother Box will grant him some trans-dimensional abilities to alter the properties of his suit and weapons.

This adaptation ability actually falls in line with the New 52 take on the character, which in turn inspired his appearance in the animated film Justice League: War. In the movie, Victor Stone nearly dies due to his father's experiments on a Mother Box. The same tech ends up saving him, however, and he slowly shifts and evolves across the film until he settles on his main look.

We know a number of these elements from the recent comics/films will factor into Cyborg's origin in Justice League, so we may see a similar evolution. The ability to adapt to any situation will certainly come in handy in fight, and it will also allow the character's look to be upgraded beyond Justice League.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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