Justice League: Cyborg's Character Sees the Biggest Evolution

Justice League's Ray Fisher opened up on why the character of Cyborg sees the biggest evolution of the main characters. Fisher will make his official debut in DC's unofficially untitled cinematic universe as the cybernetic superhero, a.k.a. Victor Stone, when Zack Synder's latest hits theaters in November. He will appear for the first time since a brief glimpse at him in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Warner Bros. betting big on the character to star in a 2020 Cyborg solo film.

The character will no doubt boast his signature abilities thanks to his bionic enhancements. But despite being a formidable fighter for the Justice League as they battle Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds), Cyborg's story is also expected to have uncommon depth to it. The film will explore Victor Stone's story in much different ways than lighter animated versions such as in Teen Titans, including the character's resentful attitude toward his father Silas Stone (Joe Morton). It's because of that depth that Fisher believes Cyborg will evolve to a greater extent than the other members of the League.

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Speaking in an interview with Geek Magazine, Fisher spoke at length on Cyborg's evolution as a strong but conflicted hero. Victor Stone isn't like the other Justice League members in that he can't hide his true identity or live any kind of normal life, whereas someone like Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) can assimilate into society without revealing himself as Batman. Here's how Fisher described what to expect from Cyborg's evolution:

"With the situation that Victor's gone through, he's lost more than his body. He cannot potentially have the kind of family that a lot of people would want. So there's a much different struggle than the rest of the crew, because they can take their costumes off. They can live a normal life. They can hang up the cowl, they can hang up the capes or the helmets and whatever and just go off and be whoever it is that they want to after that point. But Cyborg doesn't have that luxury. Being able to see that sort of massive setback, yet seeing the guy overcome it, reconnect with humanity, while reconnecting with himself, is powerful. And rebuild the relationship with his father who turned him into Cyborg, which essentially took a bad relationship and made it even worse. It's just an opportunity to watch this person, this superhero, who basically overcomes tremendous trauma and has every right to basically say 'Screw the world!' but doesn't."

As Fisher briefly mentioned, Cyborg's emotionally tortured state goes back to his father Silas Stone, who saved his life but essentially created a monster. He will also forge a bond, however, with Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller) due to the facts that their powers happened through scientific mishaps and that they are the youngest, least experienced members of the group.

Clearly, Snyder and writers Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon aimed high with Cyborg. They wanted to give him a complexity that hasn't been seen in any other recent depictions. Fisher and Morton have teased that Cyborg's backstory and the dynamic between Victor and Silas Stone is a major part of the narrative, giving the character a chance to be the "heart of the movie," like Fisher has described. It sure sounds like the actor had some heavy, thoughtful source material to work with, regardless of how his performance turns out in the film.

Promotion of Fisher's role as Cyborg has not been without its concerns. Recent reshoots in London reportedly focused on lightening up the tone of the character, indicating that the performance may have been "too dark" compared to the rest of the film. Previews have suggested that Justice League as a whole will have a lighter tone and more of a sense of humor than Batman v. Superman, so perhaps it made sense to punch up Cyborg a little bit instead of going too grim. It's uncertain how the final product of Cyborg will turn out, but Warner Bros. has made a concerted effort to honor the character and make him memorable.

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Source: Geek Magazine

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