Justice League Movie Characters Detailed in New Statues

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Just like when The Avengers first hit theaters in 2012, it's hard to fathom that the Justice League will finally be uniting on the big screen later this year. While the DCEU has had a rocky road so far, many fans are eager to see six of its titans brought to life and working together. Though we've spent a varying amount of time with each character, the movie will give us our longest look at The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman ahead of their solo movies. It will also give us more of the modern day Wonder Woman, as her upcoming solo movie seems to mostly explore her backstory. We'll also get more time with Batman and Superman, which will be nice seeing as their next solo movies seem so up in the air.

In recent weeks, we've seen a new look at some of the team in action and been teased that a second trailer will arrive shortly. We've also seen a new synopsis for the film which confirms Steppenwolf will be the main antagonist and the Mother Box will play a role in the action. Though Justice League 2 seems like it's in limbo, DC is still moving forward on introducing Darkseid and his minions to the DCEU.

While we wait for that new trailer, Yahoo has a look at an upcoming line of premium figures that give us our most detailed look yet at the costumes of the Justice League. Check them out in the gallery below.


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Earlier today, we got our first look at the upcoming Funko line for the movie. While fun, these more complex figures offer us detailed views of how the six heroes will look in the film. Each will sell for $150 and be limited to 5,000 copies. They'll come out in November, but be available at the upcoming New York Toy Fair along with a recently unveiled line of Wonder Woman toys. Though exciting, they also highlight the fact that only six members of the League will be showing up.

In the early marketing for the film, the phrase 'Unite The Seven' was thrown around, signaling DC hadn't quite planned out their movie at the point. Whether referring to Shazam or Green Lantern, it's unclear. Perhaps one will arrive at the end of the movie to fulfill the promise, however. Justice League is being positioned as the "rebirth of hope," so the last minute arrival of a Green Lantern could certainly fit that bill. Either way, it will be nice for the movie to take a more optimistic worldview and hopefully escape some of the doldrums of the previous films in the DCEU.

We'll bring you more news on Justice League as it emerges, so stay tuned.

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Source: Yahoo

Key Release Dates
  • Wonder Woman (2017) release date: Jun 02, 2017
  • Justice League (2017) release date: Nov 17, 2017
  • Aquaman (2018) release date: Dec 21, 2018
  • Shazam! (2019) release date: Apr 05, 2019
  • Cyborg (2020) release date: Apr 03, 2020
  • Green Lantern Corps. (2020) release date: Jul 24, 2020
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