Batmobile Spotted in Justice League Reshoots Image

A new production image from DC's Justice League reveals another look at Batman's (Ben Affleck) modified Batmobile. The vehicle was seen multiple times in the most recent, full-length Justice League trailer, often during chase sequences with some of the film's villainous Parademons, and even once with Jason Momoa's Aquaman riding on top of it. And while Batman v Superman was met with divisive reactions from both critics and fans alike, the film's new version of the Batmobile - along with most of the design and story choices involving Ben Affleck's take on The Dark Knight - had a mostly positive reaction from the movie and comic book communities, when it was initially revealed.

Of course, both the Batsuit and the Batmobile will be receiving minor adjustments and modifications throughout Justice League, as previous Justice League set images and trailers have revealed. The last trailer for the film had already hinted that Bruce Wayne was going to be adding quite a bit more firepower to the Batmobile in the movie - but in case that wasn't already clear, a brand new look at the vehicle reveals just how many weapons have actually, physically been added to the cinematic vehicle.

In a new photo taken from the Justice League reshoots happening right now, fans can check out one of the actual versions of the Batmobile being transported to set. Now, how exactly The Batmobile fits into the new, reshoot sequences is a mystery, but the photo does offer a new up close look at the modified version of the vehicle, including some of the multiple machine guns and extra firepower that's been installed to the top of it. You can check out the photo for yourself by clicking HERE.

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Batman's Tactical Batsuit in Justice League

Following the departure of Zack Snyder as the film's director last month, Joss Whedon has taken over the completion of Justice League, as it heads into the final months before its late November release date. That includes several weeks of reshoots being done for the film, which just began filming a couple of weeks ago. There's still no official word on what the reshoots may be adding or changing about Justice League's story or tone, though, some initial set photos did appear to hint at more Wonder Woman connections being added.

Picking up where Batman v Superman left off, Justice League will follow Bruce Wayne as he sets out to unite the iconic superhero team, against a threat that he's not even entirely aware of at first. That means Affleck's Wayne is taking on a much lighter mood and attitude in the new film, as opposed to the nihilistic perspective he carried with him throughout a majority of Batman v Superman. Whether or not that tonal change will work in the final version of Justice League will have to wait to be seen, but as of right now, it looks like fans are going to see The Dark Knight in a way that they never quite have before. And when facing off against the military forces of Apokolips, one can only imagine how he might upgrade his various gadgets and vehicles, in order to properly combat them.

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