Justice League is a Batman/Superman Romance in Valentine's Day Promo

A new Justice League promo for Valentine's Day turns the movie into a Batman/Superman romance tale. The fallout of Justice League continues to unravel just as the films hits the home viewing marketplace. Despite several petitions, requests from fans, and teases from those involved creatively, there won't be a Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League. Instead, the home and digital release of the movie just has a few deleted Justice League scenes to tide fans over.

Many fans have been wondering how different Justice League would've been if it wasn't for the director shakeup it endured. The theatrical release was a Frankenstein cut compiled together from Snyder and Joss Whedon's work. However, evidence continues to mount that Justice League could've been very different. Through the various imaginations of fans, they've dreamt of one day seeing an alternate cut, but probably not in the vein of the latest promo.

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In honor of Valentine's Day, the official Justice League Twitter account shared a new promo for the film. It doesn't highlight the actual romantic relationships in the movie, however, and instead pitches Justice League as a (b)romance involving Batman and Superman. There's no new footage shown here, with the video instead cut together using various clips from the film to build up this relationship.

It's a Bromance. #ValentinesDay #JusticeLeague

— Justice League Movie (@justiceleaguewb) February 14, 2018

Pitching Justice League as a bromance is an odd decision to make. For most, the DC universe hadn't even established that the two were really friends, so making the jump to a bromance is a bit of a reach. The two do begin to see eye to eye in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but they barely spend anytime together once Superman is resurrected. At least Bruce was kind enough to buy back Mrs. Kent's house. Maybe that is the bromantic gesture that is kicking off this dynamic.

Since the films haven't done a great job of conveying such a relationship so far, there may not be another chance to see such a friendship on screen with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the roles. There continues to be talk of Affleck's indecision when it comes to his future as The Dark Knight. Cavill meanwhile appears to still be part of DC's plans, so he could get the opportunity to live out a real friendship with Batman with a new actor. There was certainly potential for the film's to eventually lead to a place where a bromance would adequately describe this pair, but that is not the case now, and possibly may never be.

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Source: Justice League Twitter

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