Justice League: Batman Fight Scene Teased by Zack Snyder

Batman hitting a guy in the warehouse fight in Batman v Superman

The first sneak peek at Justice League arrived at Comic-Con in July last year, showing fans of the DC Extended Universe a hint of what can be expected from the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice sequel. It's now seven months later, and fans are getting antsy for a proper trailer. Costar Gal Gadot claims the trailer is arriving "soon," but other rumors have it pegged for a spring release. Even so, that doesn't mean fans have been totally without teases.

Justice League and Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder has been known to release images from time to time from his personal social media. Case in point: the latest such "tease" from the director shows Ben Affleck's Dark Knight in action in Justice League.

Despite Batman V Superman's polarized reception, one thing almost all audiences were raving about upon exiting the theater was Batman's warehouse scene. Over the course of numerous live-action Batman movies hitting theaters over the years, none had produced a Batman scene quite as visceral as Zack Snyder and choreographer Guillermo Grispo did with BvS, and many fans should be thrilled to see a new image (see below) showcasing the Caped Crusader in a similar brawl from Justice League.

Justice League Batman vs Parademons

In the image, we see post-production work being done on a scene in which Batman is dropping onto the back of an enemy with the classic silhouette outlined by his cape, setting him up for what should be another brutal encounter with the remaining enemy soldiers. The picture is too blurry to clearly make out exactly what Batman is fighting, but they clearly aren't human. The logical assumption is that they're Parademons, the soldiers of Darkseid. It should be noted that their design does somewhat resemble Cyborg, which would make sense, as he's a product of a Mother Box, which is an Apokoliptian technology. It's possible the Parademons, or some other soldiers of Darkseid, possess a similar look to Cyborg if the ruler of Apokolips used his Mother Boxes to create them.

Snyder captions the image with "Down at CO3 with Stefan," referring to Stefan Sonnenfeld; co-founder and president of Company 3, a co-production house that often handles color correction. Sonnenfeld himself is credited as a digital intermediate colorist for several other DCEU installments, including Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as as other popular films, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

While the movie obviously has an uphill battle to win over certain critics of the DCEU - a job that might be easier if Wonder Woman makes a strong showing this June - teases like this show that at least the die-hard fans are going to have moments to love, when Justice League hits the big screen this fall.

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