Justice League: Images of New Batman Cowl Rendered In 3D

Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League

The first cinematic installment of Justice League will feature Batman (Ben Affleck) assuming the mantle of leadership for the iconic superhero group in the wake of Superman’s selfless sacrifice. The official synopsis for the movie says that Bruce Wayne will be “fueled by his restored faith in humanity,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Batman will suddenly look any less fearsome than the character already did when Affleck first donned his distinctive cowl.

Batman’s updated look was one of the most striking visual elements of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The bulkier, more rigidly defined Bat-suit will continue to serve Affleck well in Justice League and potentially other future projects from the D.C. Extended Universe, but the cowl appears to be getting another update for Justice League. New photos have now surfaced, showing a finer amount of detail from Batman's redesigned cowl.

The Twitter account for the popular has posted two images that are reportedly 3D renderings of the new cowl that Affleck can be seen wearing in Justice League. The most striking aspect of the renderings is in the eyes and forehead, where there is plenty of definition that gives Batman more of a permanent scowl in his look.

3D renders of Ben Affleck's new #JusticeLeague Batman cowl have surfaced!

— (@BatmanNewsCom) January 17, 2017

Based on the 3D renderings, there appears to be even more definition in the new cowl’s eyes and forehead than there was on the cowl worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight trilogy. The ears appear to have been reduced in size, while the nose also has more detail lent to it, giving it a more “human” look.

No matter how Batman is really feeling during his scenes in Justice League, he will always look like the angriest character in the room if the cowl seen in the 3D renderings is what ends up in the final cut. It’s hard to tell from the latest Justice League screenshots how similar the renderings are to the final product, but if the goal was to make Affleck’s Batman look even meaner than he already did, the makers of Justice League may have succeeded tremendously.

There could be inevitable disappointment from Batman fans who see the 3D renderings and get excited about the new cowl, only to see that it had been changed again once Justice League hits theaters. But there could also be a sense of relief from those who may feel that there’s now too much detail in the face. But if this design ends up the finished product, it will go down as the most detailed Batman cowl yet.

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Source: Batman-News

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