Official Justice League Banner Now Includes Superman

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Justice League.]


As Zack Snyder's Justice League assembles a team of superpowered DC heroes, the movie's official promotional material finally features Superman in its lineup.

While the culmination of the DCEU's efforts since 2013 is dividing critics and the box office across the world, there is no denying that Justice League is generating a lot of discussion right now. Featuring expanded roles for Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa's Cyborg and Aquaman, respectively, a return for Ezra Miller's The Flash, and obviously DCEU staples Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, there was something missing ahead of the movie's premiere.

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Minus his moustache, Henry Cavill  returned from the grave as Superman around the middle of Justice League's runtime. It looks like now that the secret is out of the bag, Warner Bros. isn't planning on hiding Superman any longer. Heading over to the official Justice League Movie Facebook, an updated banner for the movie unites the six in all their glory.

The original banner featured Cyborg, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, while the latest version moves the team around to slot Kal-El to the side of Batman. Interestingly, notice how Superman fits perfectly toward the center of the image with an emphasis on just how important his role is in the superhero spectacular. Taking his rightful place among the rest of the tight-costumed team, it's clear that the movie's marketing plan was always to use Superman as a big lure to bring in the fans.

Cavill's return was one of the worst-kept secrets in cinematic history, and various images and leaked merchandise toys teased that Kal-El would by flying onto the big screen at some point during Justice League. After all, with the Superman of the comics never letting death stop him before, why would the DCEU be any different?

Clark Kent's alter ego famously lost his life in the climax of Snyder's Batman V Superman in 2016, and there were big questions how (not when) he would return for Justice League. Originally resurrected by the Mother Boxes as a zombie husk of the man people thought of as Superman, it didn't take long for Amy Adams' Lois Lane to return the human side to the man from Krypton. Finally equipping Supes as an integral part of the Justice League finale, he was back in action to help the League take down Steppenwolf.

With Clark now seemingly back to normal, Justice League does at least set Cavill up for at least one more performance as the muscular Metropolis Marvel. Here's hoping that a potential Man of Steel sequel ultimately comes to fruition, in spite of Justice League's under-performance having raised questions about the future of the franchise in general.

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Source: Justice League Facebook Page

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