Justice League's Atom Easter Egg Revealed

[Mild spoilers for Justice League ahead.]


A new Easter egg from Justice League has been uncovered, teasing the Atom's place in the DC Film Universe. While the Arrowverse has spent years bringing some of DC's biggest and most obscure heroes and villains to life on the small screen, DC's shared cinematic universe is just getting started. The coming years could see all sorts of varied projects come to theaters, from Batgirl to Justice League Dark to even Booster GoldJustice League didn't just unite some of its top-tier characters, however, it hinted at the expansion of DC's movie franchise at large.

Alongside the titans of the DC Comics pantheon, Justice League provided plenty of cameos and Easter eggs teasing a larger world that will hopefully be expanded upon in the future. Justice League featured a Green Lantern cameo during an epic flashback that also featured big screen versions of Zeus, Ares, and Artemis. Meanwhile, the post-credits tag finally brought Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke into the world of Justice League, ahead of the character's in-development solo film. But aside from the high-profile appearances of other DC heroes and villains, smaller nods to comic characters were featured in the movie as well.

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Reddit user naelps caught a small Justice League Easter egg that featured The Atom. Hit the link to view the shot in question, but it features the name 'Choi, Ryan' on a list of S.T.A.R. Labs employees. In the world of DC comics, Ryan Choi is the fourth Atom and the protege of Ray Palmer.

Ryan Choi The Atom joining the New Justice League

Created by iconic DC writers Gail Simone and Grant Morrison, Ryan Choi debuted in 2006's DCU: Brave New World. Originally from Hong Kong, Choi moves to Ivy Town to take up a teaching position after his pen pal and mentor Ray Palmer disappears. Eventually, he gains some of Palmer's tech and becomes the new Atom, fighting crime with his size-changing abilities.

While the Easter egg is certainly just a fun shoutout, placing Choi at S.T.A.R. Labs versus Ivy University, it does hint at the direction that the DC Film Universe would take the character if he were to show up. The move makes sense, as Choi recently made his Rebirth debut in the comics with a suit quite similar to the one Brandon Routh wears as the Ray Palmer Atom on The CW's TV series Legends of Tomorrow.

With that character firmly established in the Arrowverse, it's a smart move for DC Films to (potentially) focus on Choi instead. It's also Ryan Choi who will be the version of the hero that will feature in the upcoming Fight Pack 3 when the Atom joins Injustice 2. At the rate DC announces new films, an Atom movie wouldn't be the most surprising (especially given Ant-Man's success). Until then, stay on the lookout for more Easter eggs in Justice League.

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Source: naelps

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