Justice League Announcement at Comic-Con?

Justice League movie announcement

This summer's San Diego Comic-Con is set to be one of the biggest ever on the Hollywood side of things. For the last several years, attendance numbers have been pushed to the max as major motion pictures try to capture the attention of the most hardcore of geeks and this year will see presentations on some of the most anticipated comic book movies ever.

We know Marvel is trying to steal the show with the premiere of the first official trailer for Thor and likely some good stuff on The First Avenger: Captain America to go with some other goodies and surprises, no doubt teasing The Avengers which will bring all of their heroes together.

What will DC do to counter this? We can expect a big presentation from Warner Bros. on Green Lantern and hopefully more info on Batman 3 and Superman for which Christopher Nolan is working on, but we already know about that stuff. What else can they do to wow audiences? Maybe some some official word on The Flash or even better, confirmation of a Justice League project?

With Marvel putting out origins films for each main member of their Avengers line-up, leading to them coming together in The Avengers, it's obvious and almost necessary that DC Entertainment does the same on their side. The problem is that they didn't conceive of this idea from the beginning and Nolan's Batman series was designed to stand alone and that's how actor Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan wanted it to stay.

That's all changed now with Nolan coming aboard to help godfather in the Superman reboot. Nolan is no longer the Batman guy, he's a DC Universe guy and we can expect that he'll be a part of Warner Bros.' plans to make the DC Comics properties their next major franchise after Harry Potter concludes.

While word on Justice League has been kept on the down low, Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment Geoff Johns was questioned on the topic at WonderCon recently to which he could not definitively respond.

"I can't talk about it. We'll talk in San Diego."

Translation: We'll tell you "yes" in a few months.

Similarly, Nolan has kept vague on the topic as well but it's obvious this is the plan going forward. My only question is on how and if they'll get Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne to stick around after Batman 3. Is he really interested in sharing the screen with Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan?

I hope so.

We'll be there in San Diego as it happens so stick around.

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