The long wait is finally over, as the first official trailer for Justice League has been released.

The trailer is action packed and full of indications as to what fans can expect from DC's upcoming opus. It starts with Wonder Woman and Batman discussing the oncoming threat t0 Earth,

and seeking out the teammates they'll need to combat it.

The heroes making their debuts in the new film - The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman - all get plenty of screen time. Aquaman in particular is a standout, with Jason Momoa bringing plenty of charm and wit to the part - "Dressed like a bat? I dig it." - while also getting to show off just how capable he is with his trusty trident (with five prongs...).

There are a lot of little charming character moments sprinkled throughout the trailer too, from The Flash's goofy grin in the League's "heroic lineup" shot to Bruce Wayne's deadpan "I'm rich" description of his superpowers.

Notable by his absence, of course, is Superman. It seems DC wants to keep his role in the film under wraps for now.

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