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Batman vs Superman

"Do You Bleed?"

Once back among the living, Kal immediately goes to the destroyed Superman memorial, looking lost and a little confused. It's here that his fellow heroes find Kal, cautiously asking if he knows who he is. But before they can get a clear answer, Cyborg's arm cannon - which, since his cybernetic enhancements are connected to the Mother Boxes, has been acting a little twitchy of late - fires a shot at Kal, enraging the Kryptonian and kicking off what may just be the best action sequence of the film.

Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg all try to subdue Kal-El, but fail, and even The Flash tries to use his super speed to get the upper hand, but isn't fast enough. It's then that Batman - who, considering what went down the last time he and Supes met, wisely chose to hang back - comes on the scene to try and restrain the rampaging Superman. This leads to another heated confrontation, with Kal growling at Batman, "Do you bleed?" Obviously, he remembers their previous encounter quite well, and after Batman is thrown into a wall, he grimaces, "Yeah, something is definitely bleeding." It's a clever and very funny callback to one of Batman V Superman's most infamous lines, bringing just a touch of levity to what is Batman and Superman's second fight in as many movies.

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Steppenwolf Defeated

Once Superman has wrecked the Justice League, Bruce calls in the "Big Guns" (i.e. Lois Lane) to calm him down. It works, and after a sojourn to the Kent family farm, Clark rejoins his teammates for the final battle with Steppenwolf. First he helps Flash rescue the few remaining civilians in the vicinity, then he assists Cyborg in separating the three Mother Boxes and stopping "the unity" from destroying the planet. With that crisis averted, he then turns his attention to Steppenwolf, who has been kept pretty busy fighting both Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

However, neither Superman nor any of the Justice League heroes actually land the defeating blow to Steppenwolf. Instead, after having his plans ruined and his butt repeatedly kicked by the assembled heroes, Steppenwolf begins to get a little scared. That fear proves to be his undoing because his loyal army of Parademons feed on fear, and once they get a whiff of it, they descend on him in a feeding frenzy (think the hyenas descending on Scar in The Lion King). It's at that moment a Boom Tube opens, pulling Steppenwolf and the ravenous Parademons inside, leaving his fate somewhat ambiguous. But we can probably assume that this is the last the DCEU has seen of Steppenwolf.

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