Justice League's Biggest Spoilers & DCEU Reveals

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for Justice League ahead!


Justice League is now in theaters, uniting the heroes of the DC Extended Universe for the first time. And while the film isn't expected to top the opening weekend haul of November's other superhero flick, Thor: Ragnarok, it has already earned more for its Thursday night box office than Wonder Woman, indicating that Justice League is still off to a promising start. It's also been received more positively than previous DCEU films (with the exception of Wonder Woman), suggesting that Justice League is more in line with what audiences want from the big screen versions of DC Comics' heroes.

With fans energized and the film on track to earn a substantial amount of money at the box office, Justice League is all set to serve as the launchpad for the future of Warner Bros.' shared universe. So what big developments and reveals does the film contain and what might they hint of the future? Read on to find out!

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Of Gods & Green Lanterns

Though Justice League's main focus is on today's heroes uniting to stop Steppenwolf, this is not the first time Earth has had to defend itself against the Apokoliptian invader. In a flashback set some 5,000 years ago, Steppenwolf first comes to Earth with the intention of using the Mother Boxes to transform the planet into a New Apokolips. But when he arrives he is met with a resistance made up of Amazons, Atlanteans, and the tribes of Men. This coalition successfully repels Steppenwolf and his Parademon army, handing him his very first defeat in battle. Of course, this defeat is then what drives Steppenwolf to return and again attempt his invasion of Earth - but only once the mysterious Mother Boxes, which had been left behind on Earth all those millennia ago, begin to reawaken and call out to him.

The flashback is a tremendous battle scene lifted straight from a fantasy epic, but the first battle with Steppenwolf makes sure to also include some DC Comics flavor. Fighting alongside the armies of Amazons, Atlanteans, and Man, are the Gods of Olympus - specifically Zeus and Artemis - as well as a few Green Lanterns. And while further confirmation of the Greek Gods having existed in the DCEU is neat, it's the inclusion of the Green Lanterns that is sure to get the most attention. These aren't any specific Green Lanterns, but the scene does include them fighting with their light constructs and even features a Lantern dying in battle, their ring shown flying off to choose its next wearer. It isn't quite the Green Lantern cameo some may have hoped for, but having them around for the fight sure makes it feel like a real Age of Heroes.

Oh, Mother

Speaking of the Mother Boxes, these pieces of revolutionary tech are integral to Justice League's plot, but they aren't exactly as comic book fans will remember. Originally, the Mother Boxes were a New Genesis' creation; living supercomputers that bond to their user and offer a variety of useful functions. (Think of them like smartphones for the New Gods). And while these powerful devices could do almost anything, from healing to energy manipulation, they are typically used for teleportation. By opening a portal, or Boom Tube, a Mother Box can send its user anywhere in the universe, and they are the only means of transportation to and from the Fourth World, the home dimension for New Genesis and Apokolips.

The Mother Boxes in Justice League are a little different, though no less powerful. There are three of them and they are the key to Steppenwolf's plan to transform Earth, creating a powerful reaction called "the unity" when all three of the boxes are combined. And though there isn't any reason to assume the Mother Boxes of the comics can't do the same, their most frequent function is the opening of Boom Tubes. Interestingly, Steppenwolf still appears to travel via Boom Tube in Justice League, but whether he does so by way of some other Mother Box or through another means remains unclear.

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