The Justice League Moments That DC Fans Love

The Justice League have finally united, and they did so with some incredibly fan-pleasing moments. We pick out our favorites.

Spoilers for Justice League.


Justice League may not be a perfect movie, but it does offer up some unquestionably awesome moments for fans. The film has got pretty scathing reviews, yet for all of its missteps there are plenty of saving graces in the DCEU's epic team-up, the kind that can warm even the most disenchanted DC fan's heart.

This is a gargantuan film that has 57 years of hype to live up to, and though the blunders (too often than not synonymous with massive blockbusters like this one) are difficult to ignore, it's clear to see that some genuine DC enthusiasts were paying close attention to the finer details. So much so that you'll find it difficult obscuring the sporadic grins that will undoubtedly find you every so often during the film's two-hour runtime. Let's look at those best moments.

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The Bracelets Of Submission

It's been five months since the evil-battling Themysciran made her film debut, and Wonder Woman's first action scene since is worth the wait. Though admittedly starting off a bit clunkier in this go-around than she did in her standalone film, Diana ultimately wins the scene by rapidly deflecting bullets fired out of a machine gun with the Bracelets of Submission, saving the lives of a group of innocent civilians. Michael McElhatton's Black Clad Alpha is in disbelief (as he should be) and is promptly thwarted (as should be expected).

Enter the Green Lanterns

As if Justice League wasn't already full to the brim with characters, the movie managed to sneak in some extras right under everybody's noses. While the 2011 Ryan Reynolds flick didn't quite land the way DC wanted it to, fans have been keen for the Green Lantern Corps to be introduced into the DCEU. That finally happened in Justice League's history lesson; during Steppenwolf's initial battle on Earth, an unnamed Lantern is seen fighting alongside men, Amazons and Atlantians, with an unmistakable green hammer. He's beaten by the New God, with his ring flying off into space - definitely setting up a proper presence in a future movie.

Aquaman Showing Off His Skills

Jason Momoa Aquaman Justice League

There was always going to be some degree of difficulty in bringing Aquaman to the big screen. On paper, he's just not an easily translatable character (see: Entourage). Warner Bros. thus went to great lengths to give Arthur Curry an extreme makeover so as to hopefully turn the fish-talker into a badass, and while the interpretation might be divisive among some, the studio definitely seems to have succeeded in certain respects.

Plainly, if you want to make a character seem cool, having him down a bottle of whiskey before diving into some stormy waters, and then propelling through the ocean at inhuman speeds, is a good start. Adding to that, Jason Momoa's surfer aesthetic definitely offers some positive insight into what he'll bring to Aquaman's standalone film from James Wan in 2018 (especially good news seeing as audiences missed out on the finer details this go-around).

The Flash Helps Wonder Woman

While a good number of the heroes in this film have already been established on the big screen, Barry Allen's Flash has only had cameos in previous DCEU films. So, when he shows up (despite having some non-canonical setup in the CW TV series), he's got to build up a rapport with audiences. It's fair to say that he does a solid job.

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The moment that really propels him into being a noteworthy member of the team, however, isn't his unyielding quipping, but when he finally overcomes his fears (of everything) and helps the team. Not too dissimilar from Quicksilver's slo-mo scenes in the previous two X-Men movies, the Flash literally runs circles around his teammates and enemies, saving the hostages (Batman's advice to "save one person" was especially satisfying), then tapping the edge of Wonder Woman's sword a la Da Vinci to help her reach it. It's the kind of scene that will make DC fans yearn even more for the upcoming Flashpoint.

Superman Vs. Flash & Wonder Woman

The Flash Superman and Wonder Woman

Most of Justice League pivots around how broken everybody is following Superman's death, so, it's only natural that his eventual return would be more than a little exciting. However, thrilling though it may be, reincarnation overwhelms Clark, which propels him to lash out violently against the people who just used all of their resources to bring him back from the dead. This is unfortunate in the story, but for audiences it's a perfect excuse for Supes to rage out on his soon-to-be-friends.

Wonder Woman has her powers put to the test, going toe-to-toe in a violent skirmish that shows just how powerful both are. But the real icing on the cake is when the Flash tries out-dashing the Kryptonian, only to discover that Superman is "faster than a speeding bullet".

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