Justice League: Mother Box Story Details Revealed

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While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice crammed in a lot of story threads for future DC films, perhaps one of the least talked about teases is the alien Mother Boxes alongside character Cyborg. Supposedly, in the films there are three Mother Boxes, one for the Atlanteans, one for the Amazons, and one for humanity. While Batman V Superman showed that one of these Mother Boxes granted Cyborg his powers, there was much speculation as to how the character – and by extension, the Mother Boxes themselves – would play into the overall story that the DC Extended Universe is attempting to build toward, continuing through the upcoming Justice League.

While it’s been known for quite some time that Steppenwolf will be the big bad for Justice League, it’s likely that his nephew Darkseid will be taking center stage sooner or later, especially with the Mother Boxes also coming into play. Now, though, there’s some big news regarding the third Mother Box of humanity and how it will connect to Cyborg.

According to the latest issue of Total Film (via Screen Crush), not only has the human Mother Box granted Cyborg his powers but it has seemingly become part of the character, essentially pointing to Cyborg actually being the Mother Box himself. While the aforementioned Batman V Superman heavily hints at this being the case, this is the first time it’s been confirmed outright.

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Again, this probably won’t surprise most fans, especially those who paid close attention to Batman V Superman. In the scene in which Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne character is watching the creation of Victor Stone’s Cyborg at the hands of his father, Dr. Silas Stone, the Mother Box does seemingly form on the character but it is a rather quick event that’s easy to miss.

This development certainly makes a lot of sense, as it’ll help Cyborg feel like a vital part of the team as well as the overall narrative occurring with Steppenwolf, who will presumably be searching for the Mother Boxes in Justice League. Will Cyborg actually be the key to defeating not only Steppenwolf but eventually Darkseid? It’s hard to say, but judging from the information released so far, it will be the combination of all three Mother Boxes that will more than likely save the day, with Cyborg representing humanity, Aquaman representing the Atlanteans, and Wonder Woman naturally standing in for the Amazons.

Regardless, however it all plays out in Justice League, most fans are just hoping for a well-received film after both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad took a critical thrashing in 2016. This could very well be DC’s year to finally change the minds of those doubting the creative direction of the films so far. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how director Zack Snyder ties threads introduced in Batman V Superman into his Justice League film.

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Source: Total Film (via Screen Crush)

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