Original Justice League Movie Featured Wonder Woman V Superman Fight

Superman vs. Wonder Woman

While the upcoming Justice League will be the first time that the comic book superhero team will all appear on screen together, an earlier version of the film had two of those members engaging in a brawl: Superman and Wonder Woman. Back in 2007, and before the age of shared movie universes, DC planned a Justice League film that would have been directed by Mad Max creator George Miller, titled Justice League Mortal. Though it was inevitably scrapped, the film has remained in the minds of DC fans as something of a missed opportunity and plot details have been made available to the public over the years.

Despite Justice League Mortal never seeing the light of day, the film made quite a bit of progress before it was canceled, including bringing together a promising cast (including D.J. Cotrona as Superman, Armie Hammer as Batman and Jay Baruchel as villain Maxwell Lord) and a proposed budget of nearly $300 million. While it was previously known that Justice League Mortal would have seen Superman being psychically forced by Lord to fight his Justice League friends, new information suggests that the brunt of that fighting would have been with Wonder Woman herself.

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While speaking with Happy Sad Confused (via Comic Book), Baruchel opened up on what Justice League Mortal would have had in store for fans, including the Wonder Woman V Superman fight, with Lord controlling the latter. Explaining how this would have worked in the film, Baruchel revealed:

Wonder Woman and Superman

“There’s a scene where Maxwell Lord brainwashes Clark and all of a sudden this guy’s got Superman as a weapon. But in order for me to do this - to get in to a Kryptonian brain - I start bleeding out of every f*cking orifice because it takes that much to get into the head of a Kryptonian. And then I turn him into Red-Eye Superman, and there’s this big a** fight between him and Wonder Woman where he breaks her wrists.”

After the divisive response to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice last year, it’s easy to wonder how much more well received Miller’s fight between friends in Justice League Mortal would have been. With Miller’s critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road not all that far behind us, it’s also easy to imagine the type of Justice League film the director would be up to making today – if it all.

Either way, more plot details for the canceled Justice League Mortal continue to trickle out even 10 years after it was announced and this will surely get more DC fans nostalgic for Miller’s shelved superhero film. Perhaps one day DC will turn the unproduced script into an animated film or even give Miller his shot on another DC project, but neither seem very likely right now. At present, fans will have to use their imagination to envision one of the biggest “what if” scenarios in recent film history with Justice League Mortal.

Source: Happy Sad Confused (via Comic Book)

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