20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Justice League

Justice League was set up to be the revival of the DC franchise. After the success of Wonder Woman, the movie was expected to continue the legacy and bring DC movie back in the spotlight. However, the curse of two directors took a toll on the film and there were many continuity and production errors that ultimately resulted in a disjointed and confusing storyline.

The movie’s production started with Zack Snyder, the king of darkness and a DC filmmaker known for the doom and gloom. You can see elements of his work through the opening credits montage where the world is depicted as immoral chaos after the fall of Superman and the attack where bombers attempt to destroy four city blocks to trigger a new Dark Age.

Then, Snyder stepped down and Joss Whedon came in to finish the movie. He added a lighter, humorous vibe and abandoned many plot stories and continuations from Batman v Superman, such as Bruce’s Knightmare of an apocalyptic future and a time-traveling Flash. This change in direction can be seen throughout the entire movie and includes everything from continuity issues and plot confusions to wardrobe changes and CGI failures.

So, break out the magnifying glass and get ready to spot the changes as we explore the 20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Justice League.

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20 Aquaman Can't Keep His Shirt on

During Superman’s resurrection scene, all eyes were on the Man of Steel. However, if you pay attention to the Man of Water, you may have noticed something unusual about his clothing. To start the resurrection process, Aquaman places Superman into the waters of the Kryptonian ship’s Genesis Chamber. He wades out into the water wearing his metallic, armored suit.

Then, Cyborg goes to set up the Mother Box and you can catch a glimpse of Aquaman in the background. Look closely and you’ll see that he’s no longer wearing his suit and is instead, shirtless and revealing his iconic tattoos.

19 Do Parademons Really Smell Fear?

Parademons can smell fear, which is why they swarmed all over Steppenwolf at the end of the movie. However, they seem to only be able to use their special sense when it’s convenient for the movie’s plot. Earlier in the movie, when Steppenwolf and the Parademons are terrorizing the S.T.A.R lab employees, Flash pulls Batman aside and tells him that he can’t help because he’s scared of bugs, guns, and people.

However, even with the Parademons in the next room, they’re incapable of smelling the fear that’s resonating off Flash. During the final battle, the Parademons also don’t swarm towards the family that’s evacuating when they’re clearly terrified as well.

18 The Janitor at S.T.A.R Labs Has the Wrong Badge

When Cyborg is first introduced, we see his dad working at STAR Labs. Before going home, he stops to talk to a janitor who reveals to the audience that his son has passed away. If you take a look at the janitor’s STAR labs employee badge, you may notice that it doesn’t quite look like him. The picture on the badge seems to be an older gentleman with white hair.

A couple of scenes later, we see the janitor again moping the floors. However, he must have figured out he was wearing the wrong badge because now he has one that looks like him.

17 Aquaman Doesn't Know Piranhas

After Aquaman becomes subjected to Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and starts rambling about his feelings, he tells Flash, “You say a word about this, you’ll meet every piranha I know.” However, this seems like an empty threat because Aquaman probably does not know any piranhas.

Aquaman is from Atlantis, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, and piranhas live in the lakes and rivers of South America. Seeing how Aquaman spends most of his time in salty ocean water, he has probably never come into contact or met a vicious, freshwater piranha. Aquaman seems to be all talk and no action.

16 A Moped or a Motorcycle?

As the Parademons descend on Russia, we watch as they take over a family’s home. If you pay close enough attention though, you may realize something in the yard changes throughout the scenes. When the family’s home is first shown, there is a small moped outside of their house. However, in the next scene, the moped transforms into a large motorcycle.

As the family runs out of the house, they run past the motorcycle, but it has magically turned back into a moped. However, as they drive away from the home, the kids take one last glance at their former home and see a motorcycle resting against the house once again.

15 The Moving Police Car

When Superman is resurrected, he has no recollection of who he is and starts to assault the rest of the Justice League. He tries to use his heat vision to attack Cyborg but instead hits a police car after Cyborg’s quick deflection.

The cop car catches on fire and we can see the remnants of it behind Cyborg after the attack. However, in the next scene, the exploded car somehow ends up behind Superman. It's very odd, since it seems as if the car simply teleported its way to safety behind the Man of Steel.

14 The Case of the Disappearing Green Goo

After Aquaman saves the fisherman from a devastating storm, he heads to the bar for a rewarding glass of whiskey. When he gets his drink, though, Aquaman notices that his hands are covered in a green goo, which he also managed to leave on the whiskey glass.

After he drinks his glass, he reaches for the entire bottle and you might notice that he no longer has goo on his hands. It simply disappeared. The glass Aquaman was once drinking out of is also sitting on the table without any goo on it. So, maybe he just imagined the goo, or maybe Aquaman had a few too many glasses of whiskey.

13 Bruce Wayne's Facial Hair

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) in Justice League

When Bruce meets up with Diana and tells her that he thinks there’s an attack coming, they are chatting inside the Bat Cave and the Dark Knight has a light, scruffy beard.

However, in the next scene, the two of them walk outside to talk more about Mother Boxes and it seems as though Bruce somehow had time to shave his beard as they walked out of the Bat Cave. This scene was clearly shot at an entirely different time and could be an indicator of the change in director. It seems strange, though, that it was completely missed.

12 The Gang of Parademons

When Steppenwolf is unifying the Mother Boxes, there is an entire CGI scene that places emphasis on the villain and his master plan. However, the crew probably spent too much time on making the scene look epically cool that they forgot to think about continuity.

Originally, when Steppenwolf is first shown, he has a swarm of Parademons standing right behind him to showcase his power. Then, the camera zooms out and the Parademons disappear. After this, the audience gets a glimpse of some of the destruction the unification is causing, and when the shot returns back to Steppenwolf, the Parademons behind him magically return.

11 Hippolyta's Magical Cape

As Steppenwolf and his Parademons attack the Amazonians after opening the Mother Box, Hippolyta steals the box and attempts to trap the villain inside their chamber. In a suspenseful scene, the queen rushes to make it under the gate before it closes and seals her in.

However, there was no way she would’ve made it across with her cape still intact. In the scene right before the gate closes, Hippolyta slides across and her cape drags behind her. Then, when she reappears on the other side, her cape moves in front of her just to make the slide. This doesn’t make sense and the cape shouldn’t have actually made it through the collapsing gate.

10 The Justice League's Hairdo

Throughout the entire movie, it’s clear to see that a lot of time passed between some of the shoots. This is because the characters hair changes ever-so-slightly between close scenes. The most noticeable hairdo failure is when Barry Allen meets Bruce Wayne for the first time.

As the two are talking, the shot cuts between close-ups of either Bruce or Barry. However, if you pay close attention to Barry, you may notice that his hairstyle changes during the conversation. This most likely indicates that the scenes were shot at very different times – or that Barry’s hair also grows at the speed of light.

9 Jim Gordon's Disappearing Book

At GCPD headquarters, Jim Gordon is walking through the precinct and talking to another officer about the mysterious STAR Labs attacks and a suspect that looks like a “giant vampire” or “giant bat with huge fangs.”

When the scene first starts, Gordon is holding a book in his right hand while walking with the other officer. However, when the officer hands him the file in the very next shot, Gordon’s book disappeared. It miraculously vanishes so that Gordon has an empty hand to pick up the files on the Parademons.

8 Wonder Woman's Shield

During the Justice League’s first fight with Steppenwolf, they’re in the underground tunnels of Gotham when a missile causes Gotham Harbor to flow right onto the battleground. While the heroes are watching the water enter the tunnels, take a look at Wonder Woman and notice that she doesn’t have a shield anywhere near her.

However, when Batman starts to take Flash away, Diana says, “You get him out” and her shield magically appears on her left arm. Then, in the next shot of her, the shield is on her back and her sword appears in her right hand. It’s as if Wonder Woman’s shield acts just like Thor’s Mjolnir and can be called to her at any time.

7 The Self-Healing Car

During the “Pet Cemetery” battle between Superman and the rest of the Justice League, the Man of Steel throws Batman straight into a Metropolis police car. This puts a huge dent in the vehicle and makes a blue piece fall off its undercarriage.

However, when the Justice League unleashes their secret weapon, the car seems to have healed itself. When Lois Lane appears to calm Superman, she stands right in front of the same police vehicle and the fallen blue piece has disappeared. It’s not on the ground and nowhere near the car.

6 Destroying Four City Blocks?

When we’re introduced to Wonder Woman in Justice League, she is stopping a criminal plot at a bank in London. She sneaks into the bank and uses the Lasso of Hestia to compel one of the criminals to identify who they are and reveal the group’s ultimate plan.

One criminal says, “You’re too late. The countdown’s already begun. In a few minutes, four city blocks PEW, while the world watches” However, the word “block”  is not a term that is widely used in the UK. It’s a saying that is used mostly in the U.S. and is odd to hear from a criminal with a clear accent from England.

5 Superman's Indestructible Pants

When Aquaman places Superman in underwater to be resurrected, the Man of Steel is wearing the blue suit that he was buried in. When he’s awakened, a huge blast is shot out of him and this shirt is disintegrated. However, when he emerges from the blast, his pants are left completely intact. Are these indestructible pants, or did this just give the producers a reason to show Henry Cavill shirtless?

Superman was also submerged in water when he was brought back to life. However, when he lands at his memorial and fights the other members of the Justice League, he’s completely dry. His hair is flawless and there’s no water on his shirtless body.

4 9 Criminals Enter the Bank... Five Disappear

When the criminal group enters the bank to take hostages, you can count nine of them. Nine baddies that are threatening to blow up four city blocks and take hostages with them. However, when Wonder Woman comes to save the day and take them down, she only defeats four of them. The other five simply vanish.

The missing takedowns are probably due to a scene cut. Many of the shots of Wonder Woman taking down the criminals were featured in the Justice League trailer and were clearly taken out of the final movie.

3 Barry Allen is Only 7 Years Old

Cyborg creates a fake military record for Flash that features a pretty obvious mistake that should have been caught by the computer system or a military security guard. In the shot of Flash’s record, we can see that his birthday is clearly listed as November 6th, 2010. However, this would make Barry Allen seven years old at the time and well under the age limit for the military.

So, was this an embarrassing goof made by the producers? Or was this a joke and a sign of Cyborg calling Barry a child?

2 Aquaman's Tattoos


As with any movie, it is incredibly hard to stay consistent when creating fake tattoos as extensive as the ones on Aquaman’s torso. However, Justice League seems to have completely given up on Aquaman’s tattoos.

Throughout the movie, the tattoos change ever so slightly between sequences. For example, when Bruce Wayne first meets Arthur Curry, Aquaman goes from having four rows of triangles on his pecs to three rows during the same conversation. Then, when Aquaman jumps into the water to end the conversation, you can see that he’s completely missing the bottom half of his tattoos.

1 The Timeline of the Mother Boxes

The biggest continuity mistake in Justice League involves a complete derailment from Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman. In Justice League, Cyborg tells the Justice League that the mother box came to life after Superman was defeated. On that night, he says the box “lit up like Christmas.”

However, in Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman is watching a video from Lex Luthor’s files that shows Silas Stone working with an activated Mother Box. We even see it reacting with Cyborg in the video, which was revealed long before the fall of Superman.



Did you notice any other mistakes in DC's latest movie, Justice League? Let us know in the comments!

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