Justice League's Mid & Post-Credits Scenes Are Now Online

Warner Bros. recently released Justice League on Digital HD, and now the 2017 DCEU film's mid and post-credits scenes are online.

Deathstroke in Justice League

The mid and post-credits scenes for Justice League are now online. Warner Bros. released the 2017 DCEU film on Digital HD earlier this week, and it resulted in quite a few revelations about Zack Snyder's intentions for the film. It's widely known that Snyder exited the project late in post-production - though a recent rumor suggests Snyder was actually fired much earlier than that - and Joss Whedon took over reshooting key scenes for the movie, which resulted in a final cut that's significantly different than what was originally planned.

While Justice League wasn't the critical or commercial success that the studio hoped it would be, it still earned enough money to be considered a moderate, yet underwhelming financial success. And with multiple new releases on the way, Warner Bros. isn't showing any inclination to end the DCEU at this time. After all, Justice League pretty much did what it needed to; it introduced the world's finest heroes - Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) - to the world... but that's not all it did.

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Justice League's mid and post-credits scenes (one filmed by Whedon and the other by Snyder) teased a future threat to the League, as well as gave comic book fans a live-action recreation of a particular comic book scene. You can watch the mid-credits scene in the section above and the post-credits scene below, both courtesy of YouTube channel Filmic Box.

In keeping with other superhero films, one of the credits scenes - in this case, the mid-credits scene - is something that was added in for fun. The mid-credits scene (which was filmed by Whedon) is a race between Flash and Superman that's an attempt to recreate an iconic moment from the comics. While it's something that many DC Comics fans may have appreciated it, the part about Barry having to take the team out to brunch (if he loses) is arguably an uncharacteristic moment between the duo, even though they can both be quite lighthearted.

The post-credits scene, on the other hand, was filmed by Snyder and is the one that teases and sets up Justice League 2 (or, at least, Snyder's planned version of the sequel). In the scene, Lex Luthor recruits Deathstroke to join the Legion of Doom, thus setting up a potential supervillain team-up in the future to rival the newly-formed Justice League. Since this was the first time that Deathstroke appeared, the scene also gave audiences their first look at Joe Manganiello in costume as the Batman villain.

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Source: Filmic Box/YouTube

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