Justice League: Mercedes-Benz Promos Reveal New Cars and Footage

Justice League has a large presence at this year's New York Comic Con, having partnered with AT&T to to call Times Square their "Gotham" home. The AT&T store has statues, costumes, and other film replicas on display, and there will be exclusive autograph sessions with DCEU head, Geoff Johns, along with opportunities for fans to see new film footage and test out a VR experience.

It feels like each version of Batman that we see on screen, be it Christopher Nolan's vision or back to Tim Burton's unique take, has a different signature vehicle. Reboots, restarts, and remakes aside, each Batmobile is almost as unique as the Batsuit itself. We've gone from comic faithful versions, to the art-deco look of Batman: The Animated Series, and that we'll see in Justice League are no different.

Directors draw inspiration from everywhere, and according to Mercedes-Benz (h/t to Batman News), Zack Snyder drew some of his from Sony's Gran Turismo video game franchise. A Justice League sponsor and motorsport giant, Mercedes-Benz released the above behind-the-scenes video of bringing prototypes to life for the Justice League characters. Gal Gadot describes her one of a kind AMG convertible as "very elegant, not too flashy, very chic," and joking adds "practical," to the obviously expensive ride.

Ezra Miller Ben Affleck Mercedes Vision GT Justice League

Ben Affleck says that Bruce Wayne has "no shortage of ways to get around," and describes his civilian car as "pretty awesome." This Vision GT design caught Snyder's eye when he saw the car in Gran Turismo. Because the car was originally meant solely for a video game, Mercedes had the challenge, and freedom, to build a functional car that would fit Affleck's 6'4" stature and look modern enough to suit Bruce Wayne's high tech lifestyle.

It's hard to deny that the curves of this car definitely resemble the body of the original batmobile. Short of adding a batwing spoiler, this care easily fits into the the notion that it rolled right out of Wayne Manor. Senior designers at the German car maker were excited to work with the Justice League production from start to finish on customizing and creating drivable cars instead of stationary set pieces.

They appear to have matched these characters perfectly to their vehicles. Diana drives something powerful, yet elegant and subtle while Bruce Wayne zips through town in a gaudy showstopper. New footage in the above featurette shows more of Bruce and Diana working to bring the rest of the league together. The newest trailer is expected to drop on Sunday during NYCC.

Source: Batman News

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