Justice League Promo Pits Mera Against Steppenwolf

Justice League - Amber Heard as Mera

Amber Heard's Mera joins the battle against Steppenwolf in the latest promo for Justice League. Warner Bros.' next DC film is one people have been waiting quite some time to see. Justice League will be a true launching point for the DC movie universe - as it brings back Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but also introduces Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg to the big screen.

It remains to be seen how in-depth Justice League goes with its exploration of these characters and their place in the greater DC cinematic universe, given the film's now-confirmed 2 hour flat runtime. One area that Justice League will for certain explore directly is that of Aquaman's underwater home, Atlantis. Amber Heard will also make her debut as Arthur Curry's fellow Atlantean, as well as his love and future queen, Mera in the film. The newest promo for Justice League offers a taste of Mera in action, following her brief appearances in the previous trailers for the movie.

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The Aquaman Shrine shared a new promo from Justice League that offers up plenty of new footage, most notably a glimpse of Mera battling Steppenwolf. The scene takes place underwater and is likely when Darkseid's uncle comes to Atlantis to take their Mother Box. The Atlanteans won't go down without a fight, and it is here that they finally show off some of Mera's power.

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