15Wonder Woman Carrying The DCEU

Wonder Woman Carrying The DCEU

It's a sad fact to admit, but the DC movie franchise doesn't exactly have the greatest track record among fans and reviewers alike. From Man of Steel to Suicide Squad, the films have repeatedly failed to impress critical reception, whether due to campy writing, a

complete disregard for the comic source material, or just simply the worn-out "style over substance" approach by director Zack Snyder.

With a rather solemn history of flops, the news of building an expanded universe left many fans skeptical. Compared to their rival studio company, Marvel, it seemed DC was just miserably falling behind.

Until Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, that is. For the first time since the DCEU was created, the franchise finally did right by comic fans, featuring the Amazonian Warrior in her very first box office live-action film. And boy, did it give them hope.

Largely met with both audience and critical praise, Wonder Woman restored faith in the cinematic universe for many cynical DC fans, leaving fingers crossed extra-tight for Justice League's performance on the big screen.

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