15 Hilarious Justice League Memes Only Die-Hard Fans Will Understand

Justice League isn't a superhero team without its share of internet memes. Here's some of the funniest jokes surrounding our favorite DC super-team.

With 2017's Justice League coming up on the horizon, DC fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation for their classic heroes to assemble on the big screen.

The critical and box office success of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman had left a glimmer of hope for the franchise's otherwise bleak track record in cinema – and have left many hoping that their newest release would follow the same path. After all, there's no denying from the recent trailers that Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash all look unquestionably on point.

Of course, it wouldn't be a superhero movie without their share of memes and in-jokes viralized by the community. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice definitely wasn't safe from the slew of "Martha!" parodies, Suicide Squad from the Leto Joker gags, and even Wonder Woman from the (albeit, more positive) wisecracks at currently restoring the DCEU's reputation.

While Justice League has yet to generate their onslaught of memes from the actual film, here are a number based on actual comic, cartoon, and behind the scenes events to get you even more pumped for the upcoming movie.

Without further ado, here are the 15 Hilarious Justice League Memes Only Die-Hard Fans Will Understand.

15 Wonder Woman Carrying The DCEU

Wonder Woman Carrying The DCEU

It's a sad fact to admit, but the DC movie franchise doesn't exactly have the greatest track record among fans and reviewers alike. From Man of Steel to Suicide Squad, the films have repeatedly failed to impress critical reception, whether due to campy writing, a complete disregard for the comic source material, or just simply the worn-out "style over substance" approach by director Zack Snyder.

With a rather solemn history of flops, the news of building an expanded universe left many fans skeptical. Compared to their rival studio company, Marvel, it seemed DC was just miserably falling behind.

Until Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, that is. For the first time since the DCEU was created, the franchise finally did right by comic fans, featuring the Amazonian Warrior in her very first box office live-action film. And boy, did it give them hope.

Largely met with both audience and critical praise, Wonder Woman restored faith in the cinematic universe for many cynical DC fans, leaving fingers crossed extra-tight for Justice League's performance on the big screen.

14 Do You Bleed?

Batman Vs Superman - Do You Bleed

Guess that "S" on his chest stands for "Savage," are we right Bats?

This dialogue wasn't actually a scene in the film, but man, we wish it was. It would've at least added a little comic relief (Marvel style) to an otherwise mediocre script. Poor Batman, though.

In the actual movie, Superman responds to The Dark Knight's question by simply flying off into the night sky, but not without reminding Bats to stay out of the city's streets. As Batman watches the Kryptonian leave, he makes a gruff, determined statement: "You will."

Had Superman actually joked about his parents, however, we probably wouldn't have gotten to see the film's aftermath of hilarious Martha memes – since, you know, the two became instant besties over the mention of their moms and all.

13 Justice League Auditions

Justice League Auditions

If there's one thing that most movie-goers are critical of when comparing Marvel movies to those of DC, its that the DCEU often takes a darker approach with their films-- both tonally and visually.

There's no denying that well-delivered comedy has been one of Marvel's strong suits on the big screen, with a perfectly timed joke here and there to lighten the tension. DC, on the other hand, seems to grit-ify everything to a T – placing greater emphasis on grim and brooding characters for an overall more serious narrative.

Fortunately, they seem to be sprinkling in a bit more lightheartedness in recent works, what with Chris Pine's likeable Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and Ezra Miller's playful Barry Allen in the Justice League trailers. While Arthur Curry's been given the gritty treatment, we can't deny that he still looks pretty awesome.

12 Defeating The League By Accident

Batman Defeats Justice League

Batman having the entire League under his thumb is recurring joke among DC fans, but it's actually not too far from the truth.

Sure, you've got two near-invincible aliens, a superhuman who runs at the speed of light, and a guy who can literally create anything out of a green ring, but each would still find themselves at the mercy of Bats should they dare lay a hand on Gotham's hero.

In Mark Waid's comic book storyline, "JLA: Tower of Babel," it was revealed that the Dark Knight had hidden records on each of his team members, outlining their strengths and vulnerabilities along with specific methods of defeating them in battle, in case any went rogue or turned against him.

Unfortunately for Batman, all hell broke loose when The League of Assassins managed to get their hands on these files, allowing Ra's Al Ghul to simultaneously taking each League member down using their key weaknesses.

While we can all agree that Bats has got some severe paranoia, this just goes to show that no one messes with the Dark Knight – not even the League.

11 Batman Doesn't Do Emotions

The League and Their Proteges

Batman doesn't do emotions-- most of the time, at least (pretty sure the death of his parents didn't leave him completely stoic). Still, when it comes to expressing feelings, it's pretty funny to see the striking contrast between him and his fellow League members.

In an episode of Cartoon Network's Young Justice, during which the Justice League bid a sorrow farewell to their proteges, each of the young heroes receive a heartfelt goodbye, a warm hug, or even simply just a pat on the shoulder with well-wishes from their mentor.

Except Batman, of course. Before walking off to join the rest of the League, Nightwing was actually first to caution the caped crusader, reminding him to "take care." Batman solemnly responds with a simple, "Was gonna say the same to you," telling them that they were left with the more dangerous mission to tackle on Earth.

With that, he leaves. Hugs are for pansies, anyway.

10 "Go Away Ollie."

Oliver Queen and the Justice League

In May of 2016, the entire subreddit for the Green Arrow-centric CW series, Arrow, were up in arms against the fourth season's plot hole-bonanza mess of a finale.

Fans were taking to their keyboards to vent out their livid frustrations among other watchers who shared the same angry sentiments, claiming an evident downfall of the once fan-favorite DC series (and, to be fair, even Stephen Amell has admitted to the season's flaws).

Hilariously enough, fans turned the subreddit into one dedicated to Netflix's Daredevil instead. It has since changed back, but the rage that pushed fans to do just that was admittedly amusing.

In the same year, it was unfortunately announced that Stephen Amell wouldn't be joining the Justice League as part of the DCEU, much to the dismay of his fans.

Whether the above meme taunts this fact or is a throwback to last year's Reddit debacle, poor Ollie.

9 Daddy Issues

Justice League and Daddy Issues

To be fair, you really don't have to be that die-hard of a fan to get this one. It's a pretty common fact that most superheroes come with some sort of package deal – trauma, disability, dead parents, and ostracization – or at least a combination of two or more. In a way, it's what helps motivate them to be heroes, right?

The Justice League are no exception. You've got Batman's parents shot right in front of him, Wonder Woman being the illegitimate daughter of the famously promiscuous Zeus, Flash's father being framed for murder, and now the actor of Cyborg himself has stated that Victor Stone's own daddy issues will play a prominent role in the upcoming Justice League film.

Yeesh. Still, at least none of the League had to deal with their dad being some murderous Celestial. The MCU still takes the cake on this one.

8 Call Batman!


Ah, Aquaman. The King of Atlantis has often been the butt of jokes among those familiar with DC's classic characters, along with avid watchers of the cartoons alike.

We can't blame them. Super Friends didn't exactly do the greatest job in giving him a tough or hard-core image unlike his fellow League members (and has spawned the joke many often default to – that he can "only talk to fish"). Iith numerous parodies by Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and even SpongeBobit's no wonder that the guy's gotten a bit of lame rep over the decades.

However, many often overlook just how powerful Aquaman can be in the comics, given his super-strength (he can literally deflect bullets!) and underwater super-speed, his mystical trident, and his ability to mercilessly kill. His telepathic powers with fish also extends beyond being able to "talk" with them – he can control the deadliest of sea creatures, too.

Thanks to Geoff Johns' New 52 relaunch of the character, Arthur Curry has re-emerged with a much more formidable image in recent years, one that thankfully focuses more on these characteristics rather than his seahorse-riding skills.

7 Flash And His Timelines

The Flash and Timelines

As we all know, Justice League's Barry Allen (aka The Flash) is pretty much the fastest man alive. Not only can the guy literally outrun his own death, but he's got a multitude of other complementary powers to boot: accelerated healing, an enhanced mental process, electrokinesis, and geokinesis – and that's just naming a few. The guy is basically invincible, almost akin to Superman.

Still not impressed? Well, it's worth nothing that his powers also enable him to travel back in time, sometimes accidentally – and other times to purposely prevent a tragic past event. This has caused actual recreations to the DC universe as a whole.

CW's The Flash didn't hold back in demonstrating this ability of Allen's by having him change the timeline multiple times throughout the series. After one of their most pivotal episodes, "Flashpoint" (during which Allen goes back in time to prevent his mother's murder), some fans wondered when the show would finally settle on a stable reality.

6 Snyder's Batman

Batman Making A Murderer

Batman is undoubtedly one of the Justice League's most iconic members, having one of the most intriguing backstories (and personas) in the DC universe.

The Dark Knight is famous for a myriad of character traits and deeds throughout the years, although his most significant characteristic (apart from his sharp intellect and detective skills, of course) is his moral obligation to never kill, not even the Joker.

With this in mind, Zack Snyder raised quite a number of fanboy eyebrows at the sight of their Gotham hero literally gunning down criminals and running them over with his handy-dandy Batmobile.

It was comic blasphemy at its finest, and soon came the unsurprising wave of fervid fan backlash. After all, the belief of never killing even the worst of his enemies is part of the very core of Batman's character. It was a jarring experience for most to see a sudden Arrow-style approach in battling his opponents, one that essentially dismissed Nolan's movies and decades of comic-book writing.

5 Cyborg's "Booyah!"

Cyborg's Booyah

Anyone who grew up with the animated series, Teen Titans – one of Cartoon Network's finer creations in the early 2000's – is familiar with Cyborg's ever-so-memorable one-word catchphrase.

With the earlier releases of the 2017 Justice League trailers, many fans were wondering when Victor Stone would finally utter that iconic Khary Peyton-coined "Booyah!"

Fortunately, the latest movie trailer finally paid homage to this, satisfying fans as a brief scene shows Ray Fisher saying the character's signature line.

Although somewhat less energetic than his cartoon counterpart, it's still that catchphrase we all love and remember (animated ) Cyborg for. Here's hoping we'll see a more frequent use of the line in the actual film, despite DC's tendency to lean on a more "dark and brooding" movie tone.

4 Useless Powers, You Say?

Aquaman and His Powers

As previously mentioned, Aquaman is sadly an overlooked character all too often. Very few know of the truly frightening powers Atlantis' hero possesses – besides being able to talk to fish. Again, we have Super Friends to thank for that unshakeable stigma.

One of the most notable in Arthur Curry's long list of dangerous abilities (including enhanced speed, strength, senses, and expert combative skills) is his power to summon and control the ocean's most bloodthirsty creatures, and yes, this includes sharks.

In the New 52, Aquaman established one of his greatest comic book moments by calling on a number of Great White sharks to devour an army of Darkseid's Parademons.

If that ain't a useful power, we'd like to know what is.

3 Wonder Woman's Costume

Wonder Woman's Pants

This amusing jab at the typical female hero get-up does beg the question: why doesn't Wonder Woman get to have pants? Scratch that: why are most of DC's super-women dressed like they're ready for a swimsuit party?

Fans have actually looked into this case regarding Wonder Woman, concluding three of the most feasible reasons as to why the Amazonian warrior has gone pants-less for most of her comic book life.

These are: historical accuracy (Amazon and Greek warriors never wore pants), feminism (just because you're wearing shorts or a skirt doesn't make you any less powerful), or simply just the fact that she started off without wearing pants. This is how we've come to popularly picture her over the years, so why change things?

Whatever the reasons may be (and whether audiences agree with them), Gal Gadot absolutely rocks the latest Wonder Woman redesign – and so does Cyborg in the above image, in fact.

2 Showering In The Batsuit

Batman Showering

Are his teammates really that surprised? The above meme give hilarious insight into just how seriously Bruce Wayne takes his Batman identity – it consumes him to the point where the cowl and cape's literally become a part of his birthday suit.

On a deeper note, a fan on Reddit (user MrIncorporeal) did make an enlightening analysis explaining that "Batman" isn't just some costumed facade for Bruce, but actually a character he's truly become.

Being a master detective and vigilante has completely taken over Bruce's life (courtesy of his parents' traumatic death) to the point where "Batman" has become his true identity, with "Bruce Wayne" as his mask.

Serious tangent aside, it definitely still doesn't justify bathing in your super-suit. Also, you'd think for a watchtower that fancy, the Justice League would've been able to afford separate bathrooms.

1 Justice League Training

Justice League Training

Who needs to work out when you've got multi-million dollar weapons at your disposal?

Joking aside, Ben Affleck really went all-in with his fitness routine in preparation for his role as The Dark Knight. He acquired himself a personal trainer, who set the actor a new regime each week, ruthlessly targeting each of his muscle groups.

By the end of his training, Affleck had actually surpassed the initial goals he had set for himself – growing from 198 to 225 pounds, which came in handy when donning on the 75-pound Batsuit. His trainer had stated that he aimed for the actor to look like a MMA heavyweight puncher, and looks like he accomplished just that.

With all that achieved, Batfleck probably does deserve that Quarter Pounder every once in a while.


Do you know of any other hilarious Justice League memes we might've missed? Let us know in the comments!

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