14The Flash


Imagine one of your parents was murdered – and then imagine you had the power to travel back in time and stop it from happening. You’d totally do it, right? The problem is, in doing so, you would run the very real risk of dramatically altering the course of history

from that point onward – and not just for your loved one, but for the entire world! Well, this is the exact situation the Flash found himself in during Flashpoint, and despite being fully aware of the potential consequences of messing around with the space-time continuum, he still decided to go back and rescue his mother.

Now, we totally sympathize with the Flash on this one – but ultimately, it was a selfish move that (temporarily) transformed the entire world into a living nightmare. Even closer to home, the Scarlet Speedster’s choice also negatively impacted the lives of all his Justice League teammates – even erasing some from existence entirely – which constitutes a pretty major (if unintentional) betrayal.

Bottom line: next time, don’t make your pain other peoples’ problem, dude.

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