Justice League Pickup Shoots Planned; 'Massive Reshoots' Rumor Denied

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Warner Bros. and DC Films will be going back into production again later this year for Justice League. Following the ultimately divisive and disappointing reactions to both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad last year, the studio is betting big on redeeming itself with the release of Justice League in November. With director Zack Snyder back behind the helm, he's been tasked with assembling the first version of the DCEU's main team onscreen together -- this time with a much lighter tone than his last directorial effort -- the hype behind the film is understandably high.

But there's also a certain level of skepticism from the fandom now when it comes to any DC film that doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. That skepticism rose to the surface again, when rumors began recently that Justice League may be undergoing some massive reshoots later this year, which led many to question the quality of the film itself and the studio's confidence in it.

In a new report from TheWrap, though, Warners insiders insist that the reality of the situation isn't nearly as drastic as some are making it out to be. Instead, the report confirms that Justice League will indeed be performing pickup shoots near the end of this summer, but that they are merely minimal pickups, that are normal for any blockbuster film of this magnitude to perform. The source states:

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“There has been no additional photography to date on ‘Justice League,’ we have planned and will shoot additional pickups early summer. Additional photography has always been planned like most pictures in general but certainly for a tentpole of ‘Justice League’s’ size and scope."

As the report states, it's more than common for a blockbuster like Justice League to undergo some pickup reshoots sometime before it hits theaters. But at the same time, after reports of extensive reshoots tarnished the hype and explained some of the flaws in both Suicide Squad and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last year, it's understandable for fans to be somewhat apprehensive when they hear news like this.

Now, it's impossible to know for sure if the reshoots for Justice League actually end up being just normal, minimal pickups or more extensive than Warner Bros. wants fans to think. Luckily, right now, fans are already embracing the fun, more humorous tone present in all of the Justice League trailers that have been released thus far, which is exactly what Warner Bros. would want following a change in direction like that. Combining it with the fact that the early buzz surrounding Wonder Woman is very positive, and it's looking more and more like 2017 could be the year for the DCEU that many fans wanted 2016 to be. There's still quite a fair amount of time before Justice League is released in November, though, so it'll be interesting to watch just how the excitement for it morphs and evolves in the coming months, especially as this pickup schedule comes and goes.

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Source: TheWrap

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