Justice League Cast Would Love a Marvel Crossover

The cast of Justice League is game to collide worlds with their Marvel counterparts. Amidst the heated debate online (and in real life) among fans regarding which comic book films are better, the DC Films actors are not opposed to the idea of coming together with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a project realizing what a great opportunity it would be to see everyone's favorite superheroes interact on the big screen.

As comic book movies dominate Hollywood, fans are continuously treated to superhero films from several film studios, but arguably on top of the hierarchy are Marvel and DC offerings. The two companies have had a long-standing rivalry from their days of producing prints and that competition appears to have spilled on the big screen - at least according to fans. The actors and even the company execs (particularly Marvel's Kevin Feige and DC's Geoff Johns), however, apparently don't have any beef with each other, as once again proved by the cast of Justice League open to an MCU crossover.


In a new interview with NewsAsia (check it out above), the ensemble was asked about their thoughts about the aforementioned rivalry and possibly getting together with the Avengers and some of their cohorts. While Ben Affleck and Ray Fisher are a little bit careful with their words, the rest is pumped up with the idea specifically, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa, who immediately let his imagination run wild saying:

Marvel Vs DC Movies Poster

Cavill, however, poses an interesting point: "It's been done in comic books and I think once stories start to run out or people feel like they've seen it all before, yeah, I think there's something there in the future," he said, which makes a lot of sense. At one point, the genre would feel a bit repetitive that film studios would feel the need to shake things up to keep fans invested and what better way to do it than bring all these heroes together for the first time on the big screen? Surely, it would give us the same thrill that we've had when we first saw the Avengers or in a few weeks, the Justice League come to life in a theater -- just bigger and more impactful. Probably easier said than done, with all the business dealings that everyone involved has to sort out, but it's not really a bad thing to will it to fruition.

Crossover spectacles between Marvel and DC have been done in comics before with 1996 DC vs Marvel and 2003's JLA/Avengers runs among others so narratively, it could work. In the meantime, however, fans can enjoy the IPs separately as they both continue to build their big screen franchises respectively. While doing that, maybe its also time for fans to take a step back from the online arguments and just relish this golden age of comic book films.


Source: NewsAsia

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