Justice League (Kids) Casting

IESB had a pithy comment regarding the actors who were called in for auditions for the Justice League movie: Is this casting for the Teen Titans or Justice League?

This weekend director George Miller held a casting session that included as many as 40 actors and actresses. Some of the more notable ones included:

28 year old Adam Brody (The O.C.)

35 year old rapper Common

19 year old Max Thieriot (Nancy Drew)

21 year old Teresa Palmer

21 year old Joseph Cross

22 year old Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Live Free or Die Hard and Grindhouse)

20 year old Michael Angarano (Sky High)

The word is that Miller is optimistically casting young actors with the idea that this will be the first of multiple Justice League films. I suppose that's one way to look at it, but really I was hoping for an older cast. Brody and Common are ok as far as I'm concerned age-wise (Common looks much older than 35 IMO... rough life?) but if most of the actors that tested are in the 19-21 year old range that's going to put the movie in a "beginner superhero" mode. In fact I don't think it will make much sense.

I've always envisioned the Justice League as a group of seasoned superheroes who after years of going solo come to the conclusion that they can do more good as a combined force than they can on their own. A bunch of superheroes that are barely old enough to drink doesn't fit that mold. At all.

If the script was written around such young superheroes, I'm already putting this in the "probably not going to be so great" category.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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