Justice League: Reportedly 15-20% Is From Joss Whedon’s Reshoots

Joss Whedon reportedly reshot 15-20 percent of Justice League according to one of the film's producers. Right in the middle of post-production, Justice League was hit with the shocking and heartbreaking news that Zack Snyder was stepping away from the project following the death of his daughter. With Snyder unfortunately no longer available to complete his DC trilogy, Warner Bros. brought in Whedon to finish the film. The move came after Snyder already asked Whedon to write the scenes for additional photography, but Whedon's hands on role was the source of plenty of controversy.

Throughout the extended reshoot period, reports continued to surface about what Whedon was changing in these reshoots, but also just how much. It was never really clear how this played out, with those involved publicly saying Whedon finished Snyder's vision, while other rumors said Whedon reshot pivotal scenes, including a new ending.

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Producer Charles Roven appears to have settled this debate once and for all. In a new piece from The Washington Times, Roven - a longtime DC producer with Warner Bros. - discussed the unusual circumstance they were in to make Justice League feel like the product of one director. Based on what Roven says, this is still very much Snyder's movie.

The goal is to make sure when you’re watching the movie, it all feels cohesive. That imprint that Joss had, some aspect of it is going to come out in the direction, but the actors are already pretty much down the road on their arcs. Let’s just say 80, 85 percent of the movie is what was originally shot. There’s only so much you can do with other 15, 20 percent of the movie.

Roven's answer is sly enough where he lays out these figures theoretically, but as the producer, he certainly knows how much has changed and getting into the specifics of what is and is not part of the original cut is unnecessary. Not only that, but Roven's comments also line up with what most of the cast and other producers have said - they just did it without getting into the specific split. Gal Gadot previously pushed back against rumors Whedon was overhauling the film's tone, meanwhile other reports stated Whedon's vision lined up with Snyder's and that the reshoots weren't as drastic as people may have believed.

This isn't as big of a percentage as many made it appear, but there still isn't clarity on what made up the 15-20 percent reshot by Whedon. Most of his scenes are reportedly character focused ones aimed to beef up the dialogue, chemistry, and the story. Everyone will get to see it for themselves soon with Justice League hitting theaters this weekend, and no matter how hard WB tried to make the visions and tones of Whedon and Snyder feel cohesive, the conversation around the involvement of both directors is not going to stop now. Hopefully, the final product is a good one, regardless of who directed which scenes.

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Source: The Washington Times

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