Change.Org User Trolls Justice League Fans with Whedon Cut Petition

A Change.Org user evidently doesn't agree with a certain segment of Justice League fans who would like to see a Zack Snyder cut of the movie and has engineered a trolling "counter-petition" for an extended Joss Whedon cut to be released.

Since Justice League premiered, thousands of fans have clamored for the movie to receive a special cut of Zack Snyder's original vision, to be included with the home release of the movie. The chances of such a cut making it to fruition are slim at best, with reports being that it be incredibly expensive to produce. In addition, the perception that Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League would be "better" has only added more division of opinion to Justice League's already impressive plate of controversy. It appears that this petition will stir things up even further, even though it's not exactly clear how the petition creator feels about Justice League.

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The petition was created by the creatively named user, "Thomas Martha", which pokes fun at one of the most widely-discussed and derided moments of Batman v. Superman. With a username like that and the petition itself, it's clear there's a fair bit of disdain direct toward Zack Snyder and his vision of the DC Films Universe. However, the mission statement of the petition seems like an effort to not only take down Snyder and fans who want to see a cut of the movie, but Joss Whedon's final cut of Justice League too. The petition reads:

Everyone who saw Justice league can attest to the sheer genius that Joss Whedon brought to the movie. If he had been allowed to bring his entire vision to the screen, the movie would have been that much better. Examples of his touches include "Booya" as uttered by cyborg and the now classic line "My man" that has now become a battle cry by fishermen the world over after Aquaman showed he could speak to fish AND quip at the same time. Let's make it happen. Join me and together we can see the rest of the mustachioed footage left on the cutting room floor.

It sounds harsh but it should be noted that the petition is said to be delivered to "anyone with sense of humor." This suggests that whatever the true feelings of "Thomas Martha" are on Justice League, they also feel that the controversy around the movie has been far too serious.

The petition might seem cruel, but it's more likely meant as little more than a joke and a reminder that Justice League was meant to be taken a as fun piece of pop culture entertainment. Justice League might've been an important film for the DC cinematic universe and certain fans but it was ultimately a comic book movie and the petition appears to be trying, even in a potentially misguided way, to remind people of that fact. The petition certainly can't have any concrete goals and not just because an extended version of Joss Whedon's Justice League simply doesn't exist.

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