John Stewart Becomes DC's First ULTRAVIOLET Lantern

John Stewart Ultraviolet Lantern

Scott Snyder's upcoming Justice League comic book will reveal two stunning developments for the Green Lantern Corps. First, that a new color has been added to the emotional electromagnetic spectrum that governs DC Comics' multiverse and that Green Lantern John Stewart is poised to become the first Ultraviolet Lantern!

The emotional electromagnetic spectrum was first proposed in Geoff Johns' Green Lantern: Rebirth. While it had been accepted for decades that the Green Lantern Corps drew their power from the collective willpower of all sentient life in the universe, Johns proposed that The Guardians of The Universe had hidden the fact that other emotions could be tapped in a similar fashion. The Guardians had hidden this knowledge in order to prevent a prophecized "War of Light" and the destruction of The Guardians following the event known as "The Blackest Night." Johns' run on the Green Lantern series would see the creation of several new Corps empowered by other emotions, such as Fear (Yellow), Hope (Blue) and Rage (Red), as the events of the prophecy slowly came to fruition.

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CBR first reported on the new color, which was revealed in the solicitations for Justice League #3. A blurb summarizing the issue and its cover art may be viewed below.

Justice League 3 Cover John Stewart Ultraviolet Lantern



art and cover by JORGE JIMENEZ

variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS

John Stewart: Ultraviolet Lantern? Believe it! Under the influence of the Ultraviolet Spectrum, John Stewart engages in some ultraviolence against his teammates Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Meanwhile, the rest of the League investigates the scene of the fallen Source Wall fragment, and encounters not only a horde of giant monsters, but a pair of longtime archenemies using stolen Atom technology to literally get under their skin. Best to stock up on Cortizone for that sort of itch! All this and…the Turtle? Yep.

ON SALE 07.04.18

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES


It remains to be seen just how this change will be facilitated or what new powers John Stewart may acquire as an Ultraviolet Lantern. Each of the various Corps have unique abilities tied to their ruling emotion, such as the Love-empowered Star Sapphires having the power to help people find their true loves. The blurb suggests, however, that the ring may bring out the repressed violent tendencies of the usually even-tempered John Stewart.

Scott Snyder may have hinted at this in an earlier interview with CBR, where Snyder spoke about the end of his recent Dark Nights Metal mini-series. Snyder teased that the recent shattering of The Source Wall had likewise led to "a shattering of limitations" and that "new rules of physics for magic" would be among only some of the changes the Justice League might have to cope with. It seems likely that the transformation of John Stewart's ring and lantern may be tied to this alteration of the natural laws but it still spells big trouble for The Green Lantern Corps whatever the cause!

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Source: CBR

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