Justice League: J.K. Simmons Says Whedon is 'Dedicated' to Completing Snyder's Story

Justice League star J.K. Simmons says Joss Whedon is dedicated to telling original director Zack Snyder's story despite taking over the film when Snyder stepped aside. With less than two months to go for the release of Justice League, fans are starting to get a better sense of what kind of film they can expect when it finally arrives in theaters on November 17.

The production for Justice League has unquestionably endured more personal hardship than any other films currently in production, when Snyder bowed out of the production in May due to a family tragedy. Whedon, who had already transitioned over from Marvel Studios to DC Films with the announcement that he was going to write and direct Batgirl, almost immediately stepped in to finish Justice League, with the bulk of his work coming with the film's reshoots and post-production duties.

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Naturally, by bringing a talent with a proven track record like Whedon on board after The Avengers, speculation began almost immediately of how much influence he would have over the final product. The direction became much clearer with the release of the credits in Warner Bros.' fall preview media kit, which credits Whedon as one of the film's writers along with Chris Terrio, while Director Guild of America rules stipulated that Snyder would be credited as the film's sole director; and now, Simmons, who is playing famed Gotham City Commissioner Jim Gordon in the film, is giving his observations over Whedon's role in the picture.

Justice League - Bat-signal and Gordon (J.K. Simmons)

Speaking with Red Carpet News TV, Simmons had no doubt that while Whedon was important to Justice League, his presence didn't change the tone of the film that Snyder had established. He says:

"I wasn't involved with Joss at all, (he was here for) some of the reshoots and I wasn't involved in that. But I think he's really dedicated to finishing the story that Zack was telling. Again, that's my understanding from my vantage point."

Simmons, who played Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, says he's excited to enter the DC film universe because the films are "a little grittier." Still, he noted, Justice League has "a fair amount of levity," too.

Simmons' remarks about the film's levity falls in line with what his fellow cast mate Ezra Miller said in a new interview about Justice League, which The Flash actor described as having a lighter tone. The key thing Miller pointed out in his interview was that the lighter tone of the film is something he discussed with Snyder early on in the project, and that it was something that the director intended from the start. Leaving little doubt, cast members Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck have also gone on record to say that Justice League is Snyder's movie.

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Source: Red Carpet News TV

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