Justice League: Jesse Eisenberg Had Never Heard Of The Snyder Cut

As the campaign for the unseen Snyder Cut of Justice League continues, Jesse Eisenberg reveals that he's never even heard of it.

Lex Luthor and justice League

Jesse Eisenberg has revealed that has never heard of the much discussed "Snyder Cut" of Justice League. Zack Snyder stepped down from directing duties on the superhero ensemble in the wake of a family tragedy, and Justice League underwent major reshoots in his absence.

With the two-year anniversary of the movie's theatrical debut right around the corner, the fan campaign for the release of the Snyder Cut is heating up. And Snyder himself is throwing fuel on that fire, as he has been repeatedly teasing the cut on social media. However, support for the Snyder Cut's release isn't limited to moviegoers; the Justice League cast and crew have also spoken up in support of its release. In fact, Jason Momoa is one of the Snyder Cut's biggest fans. With all of the hype surrounding the fabled director's cut, it's hard to imagine any Justice League fans haven't heard of it by now. However, there's at least one high-profile exception: Jesse Eisenberg.

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In an interview with the Lights Camera Barstool Podcast, Eisenberg was asked directly about the Snyder Cut of Justice League for the first time. But rather than speaking up for or against the Snyder Cut, Eisenberg instead plead ignorance. He told the podcast, "I have no idea, I wasn't really around for that process." After the topic was clarified. Eisenberg also shared that there may have been additional scenes involving Lex Luthor that were cut from the film, stating, "I think I was in some other scenes too, but I guess they're not in the movie, so they turned it into an after-the-credits scene."

Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor Batman V. Superman

Eisenberg also revealed that he hasn't seen Justice League, though given that he is known to not watch his own movies, that's hardly surprising. What is somewhat surprising, at least as far as the campaign for the Snyder Cut is concerned, is Eisenberg making clear that he was unaware of it prior to being asked. In addition to Jason Momoa openly calling for its release, actor Ray Fisher and cinematographer Fabian Wagner want to see the Snyder cut, too.

More recently, Eisenberg has returned to one of his signature roles with the recent Zombieland: Double Tap, so it's very likely that his focus has simply been elsewhere, particularly given the uncertainty surrounding his future as Lex Luthor. Additionally, Luthor's appearance in Justice League is indeed a minor one. With that being said, Eisenberg alluding to other scenes with Lex Luthor is sure to further spike interest in the unseen Justice League.

As the campaign for the Snyder Cut continues indefinitely, Eisenberg's interview indicates that more of the cast and crew are going to be asked for their thoughts on the controversy. The approval it has received from Jason Momoa and others also cements the fact that it has considerable support from many who worked on the movie. However, Eisenberg's new comments also demonstrate that even people who were actually on the set of Justice League are only recently learning what the "Snyder Cut" actually is.

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Source: Lights Camera Barstool Podcast

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