Justice League IS Mortal... As In: Dead

It started as a simple question, ladies and gentlemen.

Devin Faraci (i.e. the well-known and spoken writer for CHUD) asked producer Joel Silver just how Wonder Woman would be affected by the much-rumored-about Justice League movie.

Simple, it won't be - because Justice League "has been tabled."

"Tabled" is basically an official, politically correct way of saying, "It ain't gonna happen."

So of course, some are now trying to discredit Silver.

Folks, he's has been working with Warner Brothers for years - producing stuff like the Matrix and Lethal Weapon series.

So it's safe to say, he knows what he's talking about in regards to the studio and what's going on behind-the-scenes.

Further more, I can tell you from first-hand experience that Justice League's been toast... for quiet a while now.

A friend of mine who attended ShoWest told me that Warner Brothers executives were already talking about the project's demise back then.

Don't believe me? Then, look at the fact that director George Miller failed to keep the production in Australia - thus there was nowhere for it to shoot in time to make its summer 2009 release date. Rumors of moving to Canada were just that.

Not to mention, the studio let the JL actors' contracts lapse without ever renewing them. And frankly just the overall lack of any news regarding this project is troubling.

If Justice League was really going to happen (especially for '09 as planned), then you wouldn't have been able to keep the studio from shutting up.

Warner Brothers has been mum about Justice League for a reason - it's dead.

You don't have to like it. But you're going to have to accept it. Granted, most people were opposed to this film from the start.

The idea of casting other actors as Supes and Bats, but still continuing with the solo franchises with Bradon Routh and Christian Bale was beyond retarded.

At least we have the Batman and Superman sequels to look foward to, folks.

And that, as they say - is that.

Source: CHUD

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