Justice League: Iris West Cameo Reportedly Cut

Another character has reportedly been cut from the upcoming Justice League, as reports indicate Kiersey Clemons' Iris West was not present in a cut of the film that was recently screened for test audiences.

The followup to 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League finds Batman and Wonder Woman uniting a team of superheroes to take on Steppenwolf, who's come to conquer Earth on Darkseid's behalf in the wake of Superman's death. The film is meant to set up a greater expansion of the DCEU, and it has been long indicated that each member of the League would get a moment in the film that checks in on their personal narrative. Aquaman's Mera has been spotted in the film's trailers, Cyborg's father plays a key role in the film's story, and a Gotham City check-in with Commissioner Gordon has been well-documented.

The assumption has long been that the brief visit to Barry Allen's day-to-day would include a cameo from Clemons' Iris West, who was long ago cast to star in the eventual Flash solo movie. But a new report from Batman-News indicates Clemons is not in the current cut of the film.

EXCLUSIVE: Kiersey Clemons' scenes as Iris West cut from #JusticeLeague

— (@BatmanNewsCom) September 22, 2017

This news comes hot off the heels of a separate report indicating Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was also absent from the test screening cut of the film, and amid rumors that Darkseid's role in the film has been scaled back considerably.

None of this should be a huge surprise. Director Zack Snyder departed the production in May to deal with the tragic death of his daughter, and Avengers director Joss Whedon was brought in to helm extensive reshoots, rework the script, and oversee post-production. Snyder recently confirmed he's largely been uninvolved with the film since departing, leaving Whedon to shape the film as he sees fit. If both Luthor and Iris have indeed been cut from Justice League, it's likely their roles were not very substantial. They were probably left on the cutting room floor in an effort to tighten the film's narrative and trim any inessential components. With all that's on its plate, Justice League can't afford to get bogged down in filler.

Flash fans probably shouldn't worry too much about Clemons. She will presumably still play a major role in the Flash movie, which we now know is going to be Flashpoint, based on the time travel, alternate reality comic book event written by current DC Films head honcho Geoff Johns. She just won't get a chance to hang out with Barry and his super friends this time around.

Source: Batman-News

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