Detailed Justice League International Box Office Opening Results

Justice League's international box office results are in. Warner Bros. launched their unofficially titled DC Extended Universe with Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 - a follow-up to his Superman origin story, Man of Steel - and the studio continued expanding the newly-formed shared universe with the filmmaker's Justice League, which finally hit theaters worldwide this weekend.

Justice League comes on the heels of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman setting new records worldwide, yet it's also the sequel to one of the most divisive comic book movies ever to release: Batman V Superman. The superhero team-up movie went through numerous hurdles during post-production and the resulting film may not have been what fans wanted. Critics praised Justice League for getting the characters "right" - particularly Batman and Superman - but denounced the film for choppy editing and the lack of a coherent narrative, something that both Batman V Superman and David Ayer's Suicide Squad were also criticized for - and it's hurting Justice League's box office hopes.

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Justice League took in approximately $281.5 million globally during its opening weekend, of which $96 million was earned domestically. While the film had an underwhelming opening in North America, it performed quite well in other markets, earning $41.2 million in all 10 Asian markets (excluding China) and pulling in $35.4 million in Latin America. In Europe, Justice League is outperforming Wonder Woman but trailing Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok.

Justice League

In China, Justice League pulled in $51.7 million during the opening weekend, coming in right behind Batman V Superman's opening gross of $55.7 million. Justice League also managed to gross $8.8 million in South Korea (beating Wonder Woman's gross by 4 percent), $5.8 million in Indonesia (lagging behind Batman V Superman), $5.8 million in the Philippines (surpassing Thor 3's gross by 46 percent), and $4.3 million in Taiwan (coming in behind Wonder Woman), with the film expected to open in Japan on Thursday, November 23.

Justice League earned $9.8 million in the U.K., besting Ragnarok by 4 percent and Wonder Woman by 51 percent. The film also grossed $6.5 million in Russia (70 percent above Wonder Woman), $6 million in France (23 percent ahead of Wonder Woman), $3.4 million in Italy, $3 million in Spain, and $2.9 million in Germany, with $9.6 million in Mexico (29 percent ahead of Ragnarok) and $6.3 million in Australia (21 percent ahead of Wonder Woman, but behind Ragnarok). Justice League also continued its record-breaking streak in Brazil by grossing $14.2 million over the weekend.

Although the film has undoubtedly had a strong audience overseas, its overall box office success remains in question. WB needs Justice League to cross $600 million in order to be profitable. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more Justice League box office updates.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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