Justice League IMAX Poster Goes All In On The Comic Book Look

Warner Bros. releases a new Justice League IMAX poster spotlighting the team all geared up for battle in the style of a comic book.

A new stylized Justice League IMAX poster has arrived capturing the team as they gear up for battle. The new image has come ahead of the film's debut next month as Warner Bros. continues to amp up fan anticipation via a slew of promotional materials.

Justice League is regarded as one of the most anticipated films of the year as it brings together DC's finest heroes on the big screen for the first time. Batman, with his newfound team of warriors consisting of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg all come together in the hopes of protecting Earth against the catastrophic onslaught brought by the arrival of Steppenwolf and his legion of Parademons. Directed by Zack Snyder, the project promises a new age for DC Films' own series of comic book movies.


IMAX released a new vibrant Justice League poster that mines aesthetic inspiration from the pages of the comic books. The print features the team, except Superman, all in action, alongside the tagline: "Stronger Together in IMAX." Those who will be opting to experience the movie in select IMAX theaters will be receiving the poster come opening night. Check out the image below:

The poster has a similar vibe to Justice League's Empire Magazine cover and Fandango's own special print giveaway (should you purchase your tickets from them) since, instead of using live-action images, it takes on a more comic book style. Despite this, we can clearly see how the caricatures resemble their live-action counterparts. Additionally, each hero gets to showcase their skills set and weaponry: Aquaman is holding his trident, Wonder Woman has her God Killer sword and shield, The Flash is surrounded by blue lightning bolts indicating his super speed capabilities, while both Batman and Cyborg sport their respective suits.

Warner Bros. has been very creative with their promotional posters for Justice League. Earlier this week, we were treated to Chinese character posters for the film, which intriguingly include Superman. The latest Justice League motion poster featured Victor Stone morphing into his cybernetic alter-ego, while Snyder continues to share BTS snaps from the film's production days as his way to contribute to promoting the project. In terms of its marketing campaign as a whole, the film is going through character weeks with the spotlight currently on Wonder Woman and Cyborg.

Following the confirmation of the much-debated Justice League runtime, tickets for Justice League have also been made available. The film's opening box office tracking reportedly looks good as it can nab as much as $150 million domestically. And while those numbers are not set in stone, it's possible the film will pocket sales near those figures given the anticipation fans and casual moviegoers have for the film.


Source: IMAX

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