Here's Another Awesome Justice League IMAX Poster

Regal Cinemas releases a brand new IMAX poster for Warner Bros.' upcoming Justice League that once again embraces its comic book roots.

A new IMAX poster for Justice League has just arrived continuing the film's recent penchant for comic book-looking promotional images. As marketing for Justice League ramps up ahead of its release, fans have been treated with a steady stream of promo materials for the film. This one, however, comes from Regal Cinema and appears to be a variant of the previously released one.

DC's first superhero team-up pits the League against Darkseid's uncle, Steppenwolf, as villain descends to Earth with his army of Parademons to wreak havoc in search of the Mother Boxes. With Superman dead (but not really), it is up to Batman and his newly recruited team to protect humanity before the alien villain and his cohorts do something terrible and irreversible on their home planet.

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Posting the image on the theater chain's official Twitter account, the poster features Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg in various action poses all strategically placed in the frame. Interestingly, Diana switches things up and now showcases her Lasso of Truth after she sported her God-killer sword and shield in the other version of the IMAX-exclusive. Aquaman, on the other hand, still has his trident. On closer inspection, despite both IMAX posters taking style cues from the comics, this new one appears more cartoonish. Check the artwork below:

Justice League Regal Cinemax IMAX Poster

Amidst the flurry of posters for Justice League appearing over the last several days, Superman remains to be absent from almost all of them. While there was a cool reference to the Man of Steel in one of the recent ones with the Flash basically pointing toward the insignia for Clark Kent's superhero alter ego, the character has still been mostly left out of the marketing materials for the movie, despite his return being a foregone conclusion at this point.

Still, it won't be long now until fans finally get to experience the full film as it drops in just three weeks. The cast has already started a multi-country press tour, kicking it off in China a few days ago. Meanwhile, back in the States, the Justice League fever is on. Judging by the box office tracking for the project, it appears that Warner Bros.' efforts in keeping the hype train running are working well, with the movie potentially pocketing $110-120 million domestically by the end of its first weekend.

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Source: Regal Cinema

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