Justice League Image: Zack Snyder Reveals Young Darkseid 'Uxas'

Zack Snyder reveals the complete look at Darkseid, still in his Uxas form, in his version of Justice League. By now, Snyder's tumultuous time forming the DC Extended Universe is well chronicled. His first two films, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, had mixed reception critically while performing well enough at the box office, but the harsher reaction to BvS led Warner Bros. to put their foot down on Justice League. Snyder had to drastically change his idea for the movie (and more extensive plans for the DCEU) in the lead up to and during production.

While many believe the most notable changes to Justice League started once Snyder left the project after the death of his daughter and Joss Whedon began changing the tone and story, he has confirmed that he never even got to use his original script. One of the biggest changes that happened in the development of Justice League was the reduction, and eventual elimination of Darkseid's role. He was initially planned to be featured in a history lesson sequence that showed his prior attempt to conquer Earth, but this was changed to make Steppenwolf the one leading the invasion.

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Snyder has not been shy at confirming these details on Darkseid's role in his version of Justice League and recently gave his supporters a glimpse at Darkseid taking part in this history lesson. The image depicts the ruler of Apokolips in his pre-Darkseid form known as Uxas. As epic as the picture was, it also wasn't the clearest look at the major DC villain. Now, Snyder has shared a brand new, full, detailed look at Darkseid in his younger Uxas form.

Unlike most of Snyder's other posts about Justice League, this one does not appear to be an official still from his cut or a piece of concept art. While it's a very detailed and textured model, the CGI for this shot doesn't appear to be complete and the black and white coloring of the image only makes it more difficult to say what stage of production this version of Darkseid is from. There's still work that needs to be done on the scene no matter what, meaning this is likely an aspect of the film that Snyder would have to finish if part of the Snyder Cut.

We do know that Darkseid's scenes were shot and actor Ray Porter recorded both motion capture and dialogue for the part. Nick McKinless, the original actor who was cast as Ares, confirmed he shot a scene fighting the Uxas version of the character, but the scene was scrapped, and McKinless didn't receive credit for his work. That said, maybe this image is part of that action sequence, and Uxas is bracing for the impact of a strike from Ares. Since this shot appears to be incomplete VFX, unlike some more complete shots Snyder has shown in the past, the director may be going deeper into his archives for any future Justice League teases.

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