Justice League Behind-the-Scenes Image Gives Best Look At Cavill's Mustache

Fans get their best look at Superman with a mustache in a brand new Justice League image. There was a lot of controversy that plagued the Warner Bros. and DC ensemble flick event before it began principal photography. From script rewrites, two-hour studio-mandated runtime to last-minute director switches, the project was marred by a lot of issues. But perhaps the most tangible evidence that it went through a lot of problems was the poorly CGI-removed facial hair of Henry Cavill playing the Man of Steel.

The controversy stemmed from Justice League's now infamously extensive reshoots after Joss Whedon stepped in to replace director Zack Snyder who had to leave the project due to a personal tragedy. By this time, Cavill was already the middle of filming Mission: Impossible - Fallout the movie's secret villain John Lark - who happened to sport the facial hair. Paramount insisted that the actor keep his mustache, despite WB offering to compensate to digitally re-add it so he can sport the clean-shaven look Superman is known for.  That left WB to remove Cavill's facial hair in post-production for Justice League instead.

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The end result wasn't the best of quality, in fact, it became the butt of so many online jokes for quite a while. It also ruined Justice League for many people considering that the opening scene of the movie is Superman with an odd-looking upper lip. Now, however, fans can get their best look at what Cavill was like during filming reshoots thanks to a post by Reddit user with the handle DC_Cinematic (via CBR). Check out the image below:

Frankly, Cavill looks fine with the mustache and while keeping it would've been a significant deviation from what fans are used to in terms of how Superman should look, it might've been a better choice considering what ended in Justice League. At least this doesn't make him look like he had a rubbery-looking upper lip most of the time he was on screen in the movie, which coincidentally was also proof that a significant part of his arc was changed last minute during reshoots. This is the public's second look at the actor in the Man of Steel costume pre-CGI-removed facial hair, and it's curious if there's more images to come down the road.

The poor CGI work in Justice League was far from the only problem of the movie. There were pacing issues brought about by poor editing to sew Snyder-filmed footage to the news ones shot by Whedon. But Superman's weird look in the film because of Cavill's mustache while filming kind of sums up all the difficulties it went through before it made it's premiere. It's truly a shame considering that a lot of fans were looking forward to these iconic superheroes come together on the big screen for the first time. And looking at Warner Bros. and DC's current slate, it might take a while before the public gets another chance at seeing these characters convene in a movie.

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Source: DC_Cinematic (via CBR)

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