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The highly anticipated Justice League wrapped filming in Iceland in October last year, ahead of its theatrical release this November; with the end of filming came the end of regular behind-the-scenes posts and images. Fans are now waiting with bated breath for the second official trailer for the superhero team-up (rumored to be appearing this spring), and enjoying speculation as well as the official build-up to what might be DC's most anticipated movie yet.

Henry Cavill returns as Superman for Justice League - his third film in the DCEU following Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and today we learned that he's continuing a sweet tradition with this latest outing as the Big Blue Boy Scout.

Earlier today, crew member Sherice Griffiths posted a photo to Instagram revealing the crew gift Cavill sent to everyone who worked on the film behind the scenes. The gift includes a photo (we assume of the crew), along with a metal Justice League logo in a black velvet bag.  The gift also comes with a note from Cavill, which reads: "It has been quite the battle shooting this movie, but I could imagine no better people to have struggled alongside. Thank you all so much for your hard work, tenacity and great humor! See you next time, it has been an absolute pleasure!" Take a look:


Nice little crew gift in the post today. Thank you Henry :) #jl #justiceleague #thankyou #henrycavill #bts #crew @henrycavill

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It's a tradition for the director and/or stars of a film to send a small gift to the crew after filming; Kevin Smith is known for printing T-shirts for his crews, and has even brought this tradition to the small screen for his recent directorial work on The Flash and Supergirl for The CW. At the end of filming for both Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman, Cavill gave the crew a small commemorative coin, so this Justice League logo is a bit of a departure while still keeping the tradition alive.

It's fantastic to see such a big star showing his appreciation for all the hard work of the people behind the scenes, and just continues to prove that Cavill is an all-around good guy both on and off screen. In addition to this lovely gesture, Cavill is currently holding a charity auction to win a date with him in London, and is known for his charity work as well as his pleasantness on set. We love seeing superhero actors live up to the legacy of their characters in real life, and it's wonderful to see these underappreciated members of the movie-making team get the appreciation that they deserve.

Of course, this doesn't tell us anything new about the film itself - or about Cavill. We already knew that he is a great guy, so this is just an interesting tidbit for those fans who enjoy learning about the behind-the-scenes behavior of their favorite stars. We'll also be interested to see if a similar gift shows up from some of the other stars of the upcoming film - we'd love to see a little something from Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and the rest of the League as well!

Source: Instagram via Batman-News

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