What Happens To Wayne Manor in Justice League?

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Warning - SPOILERS for Justice League ahead!


Justice League doesn't just bring together the DC Comics heroes for their first big screen adventure, it sets up their most iconic location - the Hall of Justice. Batman and co. aren’t exactly an established team by the end of the film, but they’re getting there, no longer hiding in the shadows but together standing as beacons of hope. To properly do this, however, the League needs a base of operations. Set photos teased one possibility, but the truth is a little different.

During the final minutes of the movie, Diana, Bruce, and Alfred enter the abandoned Wayne Manor. As they walk through its halls, they’re discussing modifications and ways in which the building can be re-purposed. Bruce wonders if there’s enough room for a large, round table with six chairs, to which Diana responds, only if they include room for more - a line suggesting that though they’re only just forming this team, she wants membership to remain open.

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What this scene seems to also imply is that within the DC Extended Universe, either as their real base or just a public front, Wayne Manor is primed to become the new headquarters of the Justice League - the Hall of Justice.

Super Friends Hall of Justice

When DC Comics first established the Justice League, their base of operations was a secret cave in Happy Harbor, R.I, referred to as either the Secret Sanctuary or Mount Justice. After its location was compromised, the League next called an orbiting satellite their home base, operating out of it for several decades. It was during these “satellite years” that the premiere of a new cartoon series, Super Friends, would introduce yet a new headquarters - the Hall of Justice.

Based on the art deco design of the Union Terminal train station in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Hall of Justice quickly became instantly recognizable as the home of the Justice League. The building functioned as a command center for the League and did, in fact, feature a large table around which the League could discuss whatever emergency was at hand. Eventually, the Hall of Justice would even find its way into the pages of DC Comics - though not until after their satellite was destroyed during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In need of yet another new headquarters, the Justice League next operated out of the first Watchtower - a structure on the moon which housed a vast array of facilities, like a monitoring station and a meeting room (which was fittingly called the “Hall of Justice”). This Watchtower would later be destroyed by Superboy-Prime, but what followed is likely what most DC Comics fans should find familiar - The Hall, a building that functions as museum and public space for the Justice League, and the Watchtower, their second orbiting satellite and true command center which can be accessed via teleporters from within The Hall.

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This Hall/Watchtower combo was the status quo for years until the events of Flashpoint and The New 52 altered so much of DC Comics’ established continuity. Since then, Rebirth has shown the Watchtower Satellite as the Justice League’s headquarters, which is what is most often depicted in other media - for example, both the Justice League and Young Justice animated series.

Hall of Justice

So how will the DCEU choose to depict the Justice League’s headquarters? From the aforementioned scene, we can already gather that the intention is to establish a base here on Earth (meaning the Watchtower Satellite will have to wait), with Wayne Manor serving as the foundation. A terrestrial base suggests it will be something similar to the Hall of Justice; a meeting place for the League as well as a possible armory, hangar, training facility for new recruits, etc. The chosen location, of course, poses some secrecy issues regarding Batman. How that's explained is unclear, but it's likely whatever Wayne Manor becomes it will be the public face of the League, with the building functioning similarly to an embassy and the Batcave the proper base of operations.

Whatever happens, it will be through this new Hall of Justice that the DCEU's Justice League will properly introduce themselves, using it to help establish their public image. They aren't yet an officially sanctioned organization, but having a headquarters will be the first step towards working alongside the U.S. and other world governments. And who knows? Perhaps it'll be through some sort of government partnership that the Watchtower Satellite can come to exist, seeing as there might be some who would take issue with an unauthorized satellite orbiting the planet.

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