Fan-Made Justice League Poster: Green Lantern is All In

Fan artist Boss Logic created a Justice League poster for Green Lantern with the same "All In" theme from the newly released batch of character portraits. Making sure that the notable League member (at least from the pages of the comic books) is not left out, the image shows of who we presume is Hal Jordan getting his personal character image as if he is also part of Warner Bros' first superhero ensemble flick hitting cinemas in just six weeks.

Of course, no confirmation regarding the introduction of Jordan or any member of the Green Lantern Corps. has been made by Warner Bros. or DC Films. In fact, there are no clear indications that this could come to fruition since the closest we have come to them is a reference to Lanterns in the Justice League trailer saying that there are currently none on Earth to protect it. But rumors persist that one or two members of the intergalactic police force could make their way into the ensemble project as some kind of a brief introduction before they get spun-off to their very own standalone film. Given that, numerous fan-created posters have populated the internet keeping up hope that just maybe this specific rumor is true.

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Green Lantern's character poster has come from the Australian-based illustrator who is known for doing prolific renders, Boss Logic. The artist posted the portrait on his official Twitter account which features Jordan striking a pose with the same vibe as the other official "All-In" promo snaps of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash. He also added the Green Lantern's insignia to the lineup of superhero logos on top of the frame. Check out the cool poster below.

#AllIn @justiceleaguewb

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) October 5, 2017

While we know that the Green Lantern Corps movie is already in development, in hindsight, it could still be a long way from getting released given the slew of other properties currently lined up on the franchise's docket. Interjecting some of the Lanterns in a few of the upcoming movies rolling out before their own standalone would be a great way to warm up people to this new version of the group of heroes. Justice League seems to be the most effective film to start given the characters' affinity to the League in the comic books.

Further, Superman is noticeably still left out of Justice League promotional images - including this latest one, although his insignia is seen with the other ones, Henry Cavill's Man of Steel is nowhere to be found in the character line-up. This is despite the fact that the film is already ready to hit theaters next month and that fans know he will eventually return to the fold. Maybe it is due to his long-rumored new costume that involves Superman's black suit which is also a favorite for fan-made posters.

As previously mentioned, it won't be long before we find out how all these mysteries are either answered or ignored with Justice League slowly nearing its release and judging by the amount of buzz the film is getting, the movie definitely piques the interest of fans and casual moviegoing audiences alike. The marketing machine for the epic blockbuster has already been ramped up in the last few weeks with various promotional materials including the aforementioned new character posters, as well as, a nifty Empire cover complete with interviews with the cast.


Source: BossLogic

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