Green Lantern Logo Featured in Big Bang Theory Justice League Contest

Green Lantern is being teased for Justice League yet again, this time courtesy of an official contest put on by The Big Bang Theory. Back in February of 2015, Zack Snyder released the first official image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, along with a caption saying "Unite The Seven." The initial assumption was that "the seven" referred to were the seven members of the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash and Green Lantern; however,  as it slowly became apparent that Green Lantern wasn't going to have a major role in the film, fans began to speculate that maybe it meant something else entirely, maybe it was referring to the Seven Seas that Aquaman is supposed to rule.

Despite the fact that there's been no official confirmation just yet, Green Lantern's appearance has been a persistent rumor, only encouraged by repeated trolling by Armie Hammer and the fact that the new DC Films sequence at the start of Wonder Woman prominently featured Green Lantern. While marketing would be keeping a tight lid on him if he does appear, it wouldn't exactly be a unique circumstance, considering Superman's resurrection and proper reveal have been completely absent from all official posters and trailers - save for a dream sequence to kick off the final trailer.

This newest tease comes from an official Justice League branded "Geekstakes" being put on by Big Bang Theory. The contest includes an opportunity to win $500 a day, a hometown screening of Justice League for 100 friends, and a trip for two to the Justice League premiere. After participating in the contest, fans are taken to a spin wheel to unlock a Justice League-themed clip from old episodes of Big Bang Theory, and that's where things get interesting. While the rest of the contest material only includes the five members that have been a part of marketing so far, the spin wheel adds a Superman logo and Green Lantern logo to unite all seven members of the league to coincide with the seven cast members of Big Bang Theory. They aren't wearing costumes to match the logos, but it's still a detail of note.

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While this kind of thing can normally be totally dismissed from unlicensed use of Justice League materials, this one holds a little more weight due to the fact that the contest is in cooperation with Warner Bros.. What doesn't help its case for legitimacy, though, is the fact that this is an odd way to spoil something this big. The contest doesn't even go through the end of October, and none of the other Justice League marketing efforts have included a Green Lantern tease aside from a brief reference by Steppenwolf during the Comic-Con Trailer.

Ultimately, we know Green Lantern will show up eventually for the Green Lantern Corps movie currently anticipated sometime in 2020 or after, a cameo of sorts would make a lot of sense in Justice League, which is already hiding the presence of a much more major role in Superman, so it's not out of the question. Even so, unless more of the marketing continues to blow the lid off on Green Lantern, nobody will know for sure until the movie arrives in a month.

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Source: Big Bang Theory

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