'Justice League: Gods and Monsters' Trailer: Latin Superman & Vampire Batman

DC Animation's Shared Universe has two halves, one focused on the New 52 Justice League and one focused on mashups of late-2000s - present day Batman stories. In stores now is Batman vs. Robin (Read our Review), which means next on deck is a Justice League animated feature.

As seen in the trailer above, Justice League: Gods & Monsters is the sort of alternate universe tale that was presented in previous animated features like Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Flashpoint Paradox or Justice League: New Frontier - and like the latter, Gods & Monsters will be entirely set within an alternate version of the DCU (unlike Crisis on Two Earths or Flashpoint, which used regularly continuity as a home base).

Long time DC animated universe fans will likely be ecstatic to see animation guru Bruce Timm (Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS) involved as the story writer and producer. Even though the director is Sam Liu (Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Batman: Year One) it's clear from this trailer that the tone (and even the look) of Bruce Timm/Paul Dini-era DC animation is alive and well in this film.

That alone will bring fans to the table open to giving this a chance. The clout Bruce Timm brings will also probably help them overlook big changes like a Latin-themed Superman or vampiric Batman...


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Justice League: Gods & Monsters will be on Blu-ray/DVD and digital download on July 28, 2015.

Source: IGN

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'Justice League: Gods and Monsters' Trailer: Latin Superman & Vampire Batman