Gal Gadot Reignites Justice League’s Mustache Woes With Chaplin Tribute

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A new tweet by Gal Gadot is inadvertently reminding fans of one hairy situation that plagued Justice League in post-production. Featuring the long-awaited union of some of DC Comics greatest superheroes on the big screen, Justice League was a critical and financial disappointment, coming in with the lowest box office gross of any DC Extended Universe film to date both domestically and overseas.

The production was beset with serious issues, starting with a personal tragedy that led to director Zack Snyder stepping down and former Marvel's The Avengers helmer Joss Whedon stepping in to finish the film. On the lighter side, word got out that because Superman actor Henry Cavill was under a contractual obligation with Paramount Pictures for the upcoming spy thriller Mission: Impossible - Fallout, he couldn't shave off his mustache for Justice League reshoots. Fans and even Cavill poked fun at what seemed at the time to be a trivial issue that could be solved by some CGI doctoring - that is, until the film was released to reveal the CGI removal of the actor's mustache missed the mark.

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Now, in a tweet where the Wonder Woman star simply meant to wish her followers a happy Monday with a quote from film legend Charlie Chaplin - "A day without a smile is a day wasted" - Gadot has fans reliving the nightmare of Justice League's bad mustache removal on Cavill. That's because accompanying the quote is a video of Gadot with a hand-drawn mustache. And while some fans responded with GIFs and memes concentrating on Gadot's smile, others conjured up images of Cavill after his CGI mustache removal. See the tweet below:

While it's silly to assume that Gadot posted the video with any intention of poking fun at the post-production woes of Justice League, it's unfortunate that fans pounced on the tweet to drudge up the CGI mustache controversy. Quite simply, Gadot was using her million-dollar smile along with a bit of inspiration of one of the greatest comedy actors in cinematic history to simply put a smile on other people's faces, and in some cases, some of her followers used the opportunity to take yet another swipe at Justice League.

But in a business of live-and-learn, perhaps a different approach will be taken by whichever studio is faced with making post-production alterations the next time around. At the very least, Cavill has given his thoughts on the debacle and has moved on. Now it's time for everybody else to do the same.

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