Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Wears Batman's Cowl in Justice League Photo

A ton of details are coming out about Justice League now that the film is available on Digital HD, but the home release also includes a few behind-the-scenes videos of the cast and crew having some fun on set. Warner Bros.' goal with the DCEU was always getting to Justice League. And while the shared universe has had several behind the scenes issues thus far, it's easy to forget that everyone who worked on these films enjoys what they're doing as much as audiences love watching the movies.

The Justice League Digital HD (and eventual Blu-Ray/DVD) release contains a number of bonus features that range from being production design walkthroughs to behind the scenes clips of the cast and crew to deleted scenes featuring Henry Cavill's Superman. Of course, most of the discussions surrounding the home release focus on the aforementioned deleted scenes, but some of the behind the scenes videos contain some truly spectacular moments of the world's finest heroes being... human. Sure, they're actors who have a job to do, but as is the case with many superhero productions, the cast themselves are fans of the characters they're portraying - and that couldn't be more obvious than a new photo that has surfaced online.

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A clip from the Justice League Digital HD release shows Gal Gadot, fully dressed as Wonder Woman, sporting Ben Affleck's Batman cowl. She's clearly having fun while on set, and as previously mentioned, it shows that these actors and actresses are also fans of the characters in their films. Since the clip isn't readily available online, here's a screenshot of the moment courtesy of Instagram user The Nerdy Hero:

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This photo may eventually be widely circulated online just as the gif of Gadot twirling on the set of Batman V Superman - mimicking the iconic twirl Lynda Carter would do on the Wonder Woman TV series, changing from an ordinary civilian into Wonder Woman - has become somewhat famous.

As for the deleted scenes available on the Justice League home release - in one scene, Superman meets Alfred (as was teased in the film's Comic-Con 2017 trailer). The other scene shows Clark acquiring his Superman suit and experiencing his true "rebirth;" plus, that scene includes the infamous black Superman suit that's been talked about quite a bit. Aside from those, though, the rest of the bonus features are simply extras, some of which contain bits of detail that hint at what Zack Snyder's cut of the film would've been like.

Source: Warner Bros. (via The Nerdy Hero)

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