Website for the Justice League: Snyder Cut Launched by Fans

DC fans have launched an official website petitioning for the Snyder cut of Justice League. The nascent DC Extended Universe has been a thing of real controversy. Critical and popular reception of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was mixed, to say the least. But perhaps the biggest controversy has proved to be over the theatrical cut of Justice League.

Director Zack Snyder left Justice League partway through post-production, and Joss Whedon took over. Fans of Snyder's direction have launched a high-profile campaign to have Warner Bros. release the Snyder version of the film.

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The latest move is the launch of a website, ForSnyderCut, dedicated to their campaign. It's certainly a labor of love, with a wide range of articles and videos praising Snyder's work. As the site explains in its introduction:

"Welcome to ForSnyderCut.  Your site for Snyder film appreciation and bringing to light the Snyder Cut of Justice League.  Anyone with an open heart and mind is welcome, because sharing art appreciation always gives and never takes."

The site is made for believers in the Snyder cut, and it doesn't really put much effort into persuading anyone it exists. There's a beautifully designed page presenting a "timeline of events," which is essentially 52 articles linking to different sites. Unfortunately, because these articles are presented without commentary, there's little consistent structure or flow of thought between them. A number of them are simply editorials, not actually presenting evidence at all.

While the site's focus is clearly on encouraging the campaign for the Snyder cut to be released, it also dedicates a substantial amount of time to examining Snyder as a filmmaker. This is where the site really becomes of value, because the "Articles" section collects a wide range of analytical pieces from different sources. Again, there isn't much in terms of original content, but this is easily the most remarkable treatment of Snyder as a filmmaker currently online. That section is definitely worth a browse for any fans of the DCEU.

The sad truth is that ForSnyderCut is unlikely to be successful in its stated goal. Any "Snyder cut" will have been finished early in post-production, meaning scoring will be incomplete and VFX will be unfinished. It would cost Warner Bros. millions to finish off the Snyder cut, and the studio is possibly already facing a loss over Justice League. The studio is unlikely to spend more on the film. Further complicating the issue, fans seem to have forgotten that Snyder originally worked with Whedon on the reshoots. That means some of the edits are likely in line with Snyder's own vision for the finished movie. The situation isn't quite so simple as fan-sites would like to believe.

For all that's the case, this is still a stunning site, and it collects an absolute wealth of content. Fans will definitely want to check it out.

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Source: ForSnyderCut

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