Flash is the Best of the Best in Justice League TV Spot

Justice League's The Flash may be young, but he's the best of the best in the latest teaser, which focuses on Ezra Miller's Barry Allen.

The Flash is featured in the latest teaser for Justice League. Even though much of the attending surrounding Justice League right now is on how Superman may feature in it, and if the Green Lantern will show up, there is still a pretty star-studded cast of characters in the five confirmed heroes. We have already seen Batman and Wonder Woman in action in a couple of movies by now, so what they bring to the table is clear. The member everyone seems a bit iffy about, though, is the team’s youngest member: the Flash.

The Flash has had cameos in both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as Suicide Squad, but we haven't gotten to see him fully in action yet. From the trailers we know Bruce Wayne recruits him, and Barry Allen accepts because he’s looking for some friends - and he thinks it’ll be cool. Warner Bros. is definitely playing up Barry’s boyish naivety in the trailers, but he brings a lot more to the team than just youthful energy.

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The Flash has some of the most blatant powers out of all the members, and that’s no small ability. In the comics the Flash has used his speed to build up velocity to deliver the most powerful punch in the world. He can also use his speed to vibrate so quickly that he can pass through solid objects, as well as using his quickness to turn back time. That’s why in the latest teaser for Justice League, unveiled on Facebook, Barry is called “the best of the best.”

While Batman and Wonder Woman have been around for a while at this point in the DCEU and are battle-hardened old heroes, the Flash is still finding his footing. Part of the journey of Justice League will be about how Barry learns to be a hero, and that means he’ll need encouragement to use his true power. It looks like he’ll be getting it too, with even Wonder Woman seemingly telling him, “No one else can do what you do. We need you.” That’s certainly true when looking at the comics, where the Flash has been pivotal in some of the Justice League’s biggest moments and battles.

Of course Aquaman and Cyborg are also still relative newcomers to the DCEU, so Justice League will be an interesting mix of familiar faces and seeing some new heroes in action. We’ve seen that the Flash gets along pretty well when meeting Bruce Wayne, but we’ll have to see how he does with the rest of the team. Judging by how gruff Aquaman appears with Bruce, the Atlantean might not be as quick to take to Barry. So the Flash has a lot to prove to live up to the expectations riding on him, and the opportunity to prove why he should be called the best.

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Source: Justice League Movie on Facebook

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