Geoff Johns: Flash is A Favorite From Justice League Test Screenings

The Flash is the "collective favorite" for those who were already able to watch Justice League at an early test screening. Played by Ezra Miller, the character has been teased in other DC Extended Universe movies, including his brief introduction in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice via Lex Luthor’s secret files. A few months later, he popped up in David Ayer's Suicide Squad for another short cameo when he captured Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney). His official introduction, however, will be in Warner Bros' first superhero ensemble project where he will team up with Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, and Cyborg to protect the earth from Steppenwolf and his legion of Parademons.

Last week, news of Warner Bros. choosing some lucky people to preview Justice League broke resulting in fan pandemonium with regard to reviews of the film. While full reviews are under embargo, we get some short and clipped reactions of the movie and they seem to be generally positive. Now, DC Films head Geoff Johns provides additional insight from the early screenings, revealing that the big screen iteration of the Scarlet Speedster is the crowd's clear favorite.

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Speaking at the NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) Fall Summit to promote DCEU's slate of upcoming films - including Justice League, which is next to be rolled out, and Aquaman - Johns shared that among the big superheroes in the epic blockbuster, The Flash got the most positive audience response from the early screening. Regal Films' Chris Sylvia posted on Twitter that Johns said, "Flash is the collective favorite coming out of Justice League."

While we know that the League is being assembled by Bruce Wayne, as he is seen recruiting most of the members, his initial interaction with Barry (which we have already seen a bit in the trailer), proves to be the most lighthearted and fun of them all. The two's chemistry takes on a mentor/mentee relationship with The Flash adding some kind of levity to the sequence, which perfectly complements Batman's serious tone. Although we do not know yet how Barry Allen will interact with other members, his personality has already shone through via those teasers hyping fans of his potential dynamic with the rest of the superhero squad. It also helps that Miller as an actor already exudes youthful energy and positive vibes, as evident during several film marketing videos he did with the other cast, including the latest one for their Japanese fans.

This tidbit from Johns comes on the heels of rumors that The Flash's solo adventure titled Flashpoint has finally solidified a script while the director hunt continues. No official release date for the film has been set as of yet, which gives Warner Bros. plenty of time for a thorough search. In the meantime, fans can look forward to Barry's movie debut with DC's other big superheroes in Justice League.

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Source: Geoff Johns [via Chris Sylvia]

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